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  1. The painful process of stripping these units has started
  2. A livery I’m looking forward to seeing, possibly one of my most favourite, but definitely one of the most awkward liveries to paint, half of me is debating whether to send it off and be finished properly
  3. Following on.... and a massive ask I’m going to need some water Slide transfers for both sets ,bratchells will only send them to me if I buy another 321/4 set (crazy I know ) I can provide more pictures / details and measurements if need be .... hoping the rm web community can help me out thank you
  4. Hi modellers I’m starting up the thread of a class 321 / 4 car in first Great eastern livery... yes the really awkward one ... ignore previous thread from 2011 (wow ) these train still run on the line Between Southend Victoria and Liverpool Street and have done for donkeys years ... I now have a Freinds set also so I will be doing two sets first great eastern livery will be the new desired livery here’s some pictures of what I’ll be doing
  5. Thanks mate .... it just bugs the life out of me with my Hornby set .... the DBSO Is significantly lighter on top then the rest that’s all
  6. Stock counting, three sets nearly completed .... Just waiting on Transfers for the sprayed sets, does anyone on here know the best match for the roofs of the Hornby coaches?, There is so many greys but I need to do another DBSO and A buffet car to finish set off ... Would be greatly appreciated Rhys
  7. The new buffet car awaits Transfers, I’ve put them both together as a colour comparison, the buffet car without transfers is the official Anglia railways turquoise livery, Phoenix Paints is the other provider
  8. A little comparison for colour DBSO on the right from an older project that needs finishing off ,sprayed in Phoenix paints Anglia DBSO to the left is our latest model in official Anglia railways livery a little bit more TLC then we are ready for transfers thanks
  9. Picked up my last coach to finish the Hornby set !
  10. The postmen has been kind to me recently ..... BARAGAINS as well 2 more carriages added to the Hornby set ..... one more away from the full set!
  11. Fiddly but fun!.... lots of progress with this dbso ..... more pictures to follow this week it come a long way !
  12. Bit of an awkward one to get pictures of but all interiors are now finished off interiors painted passengers added no social distancing on these carriages !
  13. BSO nearly ready for transfers A little bit of touching up and we are systems go
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