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  1. Hahaha Nearly ! , for sure Yh I have a few ideas lined up ,I’ve got some bits being sprayed as we speak .... I think. “ONE” railways dbso is also on the cards
  2. And the postmen dropped off two more weathered standard class mk2’s BARGAINS !
  3. BR MK2F RFB joins the fleet !! , superb detail but this carriage is due to be sprayed into anglia livery..
  4. Heljan - Bachman class 47 comparison With another little visitor
  5. Here it goes .... nearly completed , half way there , done ✔️
  6. Hi Mate, I follow your Instagram page and love the updates probably a but too much haha ... yes indeed my stock is slightly older only because my father drove for anglia and first great eastern .... thanks for commenting ...
  7. Some more stock joins the fleet , a stunning anglia DBSO
  8. Hi members I am currently after a Bachmann “intercity livery “ or even one better an anglia railways or intercity swallow dbso kindest regards Rhys
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