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  1. I've a few photos but I'll have to dig them out the hea I was told was a stone contract with b and q 10pm at Carlisle 6o15 later 6v15 always used to have them at the front
  2. Excellent choice and I'll be making sure my orders are placed for a few to run along Weaver Hill
  3. Good Morning, We have returned and unloaded now from Sheffield, we had an excellent weekend and the layout ran as well as it had done in the past. The stock behaved better than we could of imaged and running it with the 1997 feel was well received. We also enjoyed running the stock like this but then it how we remember Crewe before the advent of the Pendolinos and Voyagers. We did forget one stock box but we muddled though and had enough locos for the weekend. We are thinking we shall be running the layout very similar at Shrewsbury so the next task is to detail some of the stock up in preparation for that show.
  4. We are ready for the second day at Sheffield. The layout ran well yesterday and we had a really enjoyable show. It was a very enjoyable show and the layout had plenty of positive comments. We are running with a 1997 feel to the layout.
  5. Good Evening, We are all set up for the Sheffield show at Birkdake School. Most of the stock is on and a few more items to put on in the morning. The first outing of the layout since Bala so we looking forward to playing trains
  6. Good Afternoon, Well that is all the stock packed now for the show this weekend. We are looking forward to the weekend and a chance to get Weaver Hill out again the first time since Bala (September) last year. Hopefully any running issues should soon settle down.
  7. Good Morning, Just a quick reminder that it is the 0 gauge open day tomorrow at Alsager Railway Association. The layout shall be running with both DCC and DC and everyone is welcome to bring stock. Tea and coffee as always shall be available through the day. The club is located just off moorhouse Ave, located next door to the air cadets.
  8. I think what has been stated here is all correct. I agree with the comments that, we as a team are just happy to have the invites and enjoy the exhibiting. For some shows there is no need to charge expenses due to their cause such at Corris. A few from Alsager attend this show every year as it's an enjoyable weekend and a member has local accommodation. We have attended a show were we were only provided a bed and not breakfast but this was no hardship and we found a sutible cafe which all adds to the experiance. Also with experiance of running a show the free tea and coffee can soon mount up and it is a privilege to be offered this at shows. I always try and add something to the donation pot. On the tea and coffee side of things I've always wondered of a system similar to how we used to operate in the club would work. We used to charge 25p a cup for club nights. Now we always go away with four operators so each time we want a round it would only cost £1 realistically it is not going to cost a great deal over the weekend. All in all though we are lucky to have a layout that has been able to attend so many show and we are looking forward to more in the future
  9. I think the comment above the accommodation about being all part of the exhibiting fun as you never really know what you are going to get. Some of the smaller shows can have some choice rooms and the bigger ones. Spalding in the housing development, four to a room and kitchen was always a good laugh. Personally the allowance is not a bad thing, however I think the amount needs to realistically reflect the price of bed and breakfast in the local area of the show, which the £70 offered at the NEC is not going to cover. Most shows we have visited we have been offered bed and breakfast. I think maybe the issue key world face here is the way different shows operator with military modellers not demanding quite as much in exspenses to display at a show.
  10. I missed you today I noted the NHS 66, I was at SSN keeping the wheels of industry turning along with yourself.
  11. until
    Similar to our Christmas open day we shall be holding an Easter Open day, again open to all. Refreshments are available. We can cater for both DC & DCC if you do wish to bring some of your own stock to run. The club house is just off Moorhouse Ave.
  12. Good Afternoon, Just a quick update to let you all know that our next open day shall take place on 7th April 2024.
  13. As we all like a moan I'll join in. It's more the lack or joined up thinking from Hornby for myself. I'd of been interested in the GNER HST had they made it post Mallard refurbishment. It feels odd they decided to change thier GNER 91 from pre mallard to post half way though the announcement period. Maybe the HST shall go the same way. I'd of though having both the HST and 91 that could run together would be better. I understand there of course was a crossover period between for the mallard refurbishment, but the slight difference is enough to put me off, yet annoyingly I'd rather of had the pre refurbished GNER mk4 set. I ordered it originally as it was advertised as this, i even wrote to Hornby to complain of their change of mind. I'll still part with some of my cash and order a Purple 67.
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