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  1. Thanks for the info on the rivets. Is it a martin finney aberdare kit? Pete
  2. Hello there really enjoying this thread. Could you please tell me what Archer sheet of rivets you used on the TV brake van as I agree with you on the bracing will deform as I have one to build and I like your solution. Pete
  3. Nice to see a photo of No 5 on slough estates. Still remember the locos running in the late 60s and early 70s Pete
  4. Hi Chris It was nice to see catcott burtle in the flesh again so to speak and thank you for your opinion on hedgerow scenics and the demonstration of the magicians wire. Can you tell me the next exhibition you will be at next. Pete
  5. Hi Craig The etches and the built wagons are looking superb (do you think you will be selling them at scaleforum this year?). As for the use of games workshop paints i am definitely a convert since my son models space marines and the odd pot of paint ends up on my modeling bench . I am very impressed with the chaos black spray as I've used it on my collett goods chassis (the one i showed you at scaleforum last year). Peter
  6. Hi David The 61xx is looking good (I've got one to build myself),i see from your thread that getting ultrascale wheels still take some time . At present i am building a finney collett goods , the tender and chassis are complete with working inside motion (just been let out of the white jacket) and am now building the upper works. I hope to see more blogs on the 61xx. Regards Pete
  7. Hi David Very impressed with your P4 layout and glad to see the track plan, it has given me the motivation to start to design my track plan (i am lucky to have a 24x12 home office as my hobby room). The idea of an urban layout has certainly got me thinking. I was looking at purchasing templot for designing the track plan but i have had mixed feedback as to how easy it is to use have any views on this package? Regards Pete
  8. Nice looking baseboards. Are they by the brilliant baseboard company? Regards Peter
  9. Great model it brings back memories when i used to fire it on the SVR. Pete
  10. This is an a amazing layout i could watch it for hours if ever it went on the exhibition circuit. I know this has been mentioned before but it would be great to see this in the MRJ. Regards Peter
  11. Thanks its been my dream for quite a few years now i finally got it(photo of it on my thread on the old RMWEB)now all ive got to do is build the layout to P4 standards!I like the models you have been building and will be following your blog. Regards Pete
  12. Our table use to like that;then i mentioned to my wife about getting a home office.My wife now has her table back and i now have a 24x12 home office for my railway!
  13. Thanks for the sites. I dont know if i could go back to CNC as it kept me busy writing or editing on fanuc,heidihiem and general G coding as its been a few years since i last done it. Regards Peter
  14. Thanks for the info. I have a unimat 1 at the moment which does what i require at the moment but i am looking for something slightly bigger (it was ok when i was still in toolmaking as all i had to do was machine what ever i wanted at work in my time). Regards Peter
  15. Nice bit of machining the wheels look superb . What lathe do you have now? Regards Peter
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