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  1. An A4 chime when it's down in a valley and your up the top of said valley, echoes all round! Sends shivers down my spine!
  2. The Farish class 66 is advertised as DCC ready, however you need to buy a decoder with wires soldered to it, so you can solder the decoder to the main PCB (located under the body) It's pretty straight forward to do, providing you have a soldering iron!
  3. The BR Blue does look nice, very tempting, however do they come with an alien in the cab nowadays aswell?
  4. To be honest I'm just glad that we still have the loco. Yes, it may be like Triggers broom, but it is still the Flying Scotsman. I just look forward to the day it belts down the ECML again (preferably not being towed by a diesel!)
  5. Nice lift shaft! You should make a little cameo, have a yellow barrier around the open entrance and a engineer inside. And it's a manual shutter gate your after making! Trust me, I'm a lift engineer
  6. Is it just me or are the Con rods almost un-naturally bright...
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for the quick replies! Barry Ten, I see what you mean about the front end head on, but yes it does look ok from other angles! It sounds smooth enough when running, no worse than some of my N gauge models, however the tender does have a slight wobble to it at low speeds, I don't know if this is something to do with the rolling road (which is borrowed from a mate) or if maybe the axle is bent. I think a loop of track might be in hand, any idea what minimum radius is?
  8. Hi guys, Was speaking to a family friend when he said he has an old Hornby Mallard loco, he has hardly ever used, and I could have it if I wanted, however there is no box. So, typically, I said I would be delighted to have it. Problem is, I don't have a clue about OO stuff, and I was wondering if anyone one here can help me identify how old or what model it is? I have taken some details, It is tender driven, with the markings R351-0560 on it. I've googled this but nothing relevant comes up? So, I have some piccies: I feel it may be an old-ish loco, the detailing is nothing special, nice handrails on the boiler and the pipework inside the cab is all coloured! Anyone out there able to enlighten me? Many Thanks if you can help! Steven
  9. You want both the traction tyres on the back two axles of the tender, it seems to work better there! Keep running it in aswell, mine eventually hauled a very impressive rake!
  10. Yes, swap the tender wheelsets for the spare traction tyred ones that come with it. Makes a lot of difference, and give it a good running in, slowly increase the load and it will get there eventually, mine has only got better with running in!
  11. Yes, there are a few with batteries, much easier than track powered outside! If he can build decent models for that price, he should do well!
  12. I'm just going to echo everyone's thoughts, it seems to be getting bigger and better every year! Really enjoyed it today, a good selection of traders, and some decent layouts! To top it all off I would recommend the cheese scones in the cafe, lovely!
  13. I think in Andy's photos it looks just fine, however in the Hattons photos something does look odd, apart from the side on shot of SIlver Fox, which looks fine! Hopefully if they get the full valances on it it will look even better!
  14. Brilliant, looks really good! Have to you made it from scratch, or does it come as some form of kit, or just drawings etc? Cheers, Steven
  15. Quite the opposite, the station used to be completely different, I do not have first hand experience unfortunately, but my Grandfather spent years watching trains there as a child as he lived next to it! Here is a picture from inside: http://www.picturestockton.co.uk/viewpage.aspx?id=4226 The main building (where the clock is) is still there as an old folks home I think. Most of the rest is gone. http://www.picturestockton.co.uk/viewpage.aspx?id=90407 http://www.picturestockton.co.uk/viewpage.aspx?id=5653 And now it is just two platforms and a bridge unfortunately, bloody freezing in winter aswell: http://www.thisisstockton.co.uk/travelandtransport/Stockton-Railway-Station.asp Steven
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