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  1. I wish I could be there but I've contracted another virus. Enjoy yourselves without me. Chris
  2. I think you will find they had 9 compartments. Chris
  3. I think you will find that the Airfix B set represents diagram E140. E145 was the same but with 9 ft wb bogies instead of 7ft. Chris
  4. City of New Orleans, eh? For my money the Arlo Guthrie version has the edge on that by the late Steve Goodman, who wrote it. Chris
  5. Bore da Dai! I'm glad of something to take my mind off burnt koalas today. It's not easy. Much of what I know was culled from the pages of the Railway Observer. Before his book on GWR coaches was published the late Michael Harris had a long running series in Railway World in the 1960s. From those two sources it is possible to collate such information as exists, suppemented by photographs and in particular the RCTS collection. It's not unlike putting together a jigsaw where all the pieces are the same shape and size. The proper way of doing it, I suppose, would be to consult the rolling stock registers, wherever they may be. John Lewis, author of the two books on auto trailers, knows his way round the system but is not infallible. Much was not recorded. John produced a list of London sets for a friend who is modelling Loudwater but it covers only the period up to the outbreak of WW2, when a state of flux prevailed. I have more than a passing interest in the Cardiff Valleys, where substantial remarshalling took place ahead of the interval service introduced in September 1953 and continued for the next 10 years. List? What list? By comparison, auto trailers are relatively easy to trace. There are snippets in John Lewis's books and there are photographs. Rightly or wrongly I associate Merthyr with the A27 type because I have seen pics of such things stabled at Merthyr. The Merthyr - Abergavenny service was operated by autos from 1954 till it ended in 1958 and there was also the Hirwaun and Pontsticill services. There was some inter-working between the three branches. Before 1953 things were almost certainly different and I have a vague recollection that autos worked from Merthyr to Cardiff via the line through Aberfan which closed abruptly around 1951. Hope this helps! Chris
  6. Five of these sets were allocated initially to the London Division: 24 4975, 6370, 6376, 4976 25 4977, 6387, 6388, 4978. This one was sent to Cardiff during the war 26 4979, 6390, 6416, 4980 27 4981, 6435, 6458, 4982 28 4983, 6468, 6469, 4984 Chris
  7. I don't think there was an Oxford Division, or District for that matter. Sorry! Chris
  8. Rich, I have no idea, I'm aftaid. When I get a minute I wil see if a magnifying glass will help me answer your question but I'm quite busy at the moment. Chris
  9. Well done, Harlequin! I welcome your initiative. Unless my forgettery lets me down I wear a badge at every show that I visit but some consider this a tad flamboyant. Others are no doubt fed up with being made to wear badges at conferences they attend for work and fancy a day out of the limelight. Still more appear not to want to meet fellow RMwebbers. Such is life, I guess. Chris
  10. There is some confusion in this matter. Let us start with the calendar. 9th September 1961 was a Friday, 10th a Saturday. Did the 5.10 pm Paddington - Wolverhampton, the train from which the last slip was made, run on a Saturday? I do not have a timetable for summer 1960 but I have looked at the carriage working programmes for winter 1959-60 and summer 1961 and the Paddington station working book for summer 1960. All show the 5.10 pm as Saturdays Excepted. So when was the Railway Roundabout footage shot? It appears certain that it was not 10th September because the train did not run that day. The probability is, then, that it was 8th September or earlier that week. The original Railway Roundabout commentary was delivered live by John Adams or Patrick Whitehouse. That on the video is by Jeremy English. As for there being two slips at Bicester, no. The one in the film was not the same day as the one with W7374W and its attachments. It seems more likely that extra coaches were attached on a Friday when loadings were higher than in the rest of the week. Chris
  11. As promised, I have been leafing through the Railway Observer for 1960. In the October issue I find: "For the record, the slip portion on the last train consisted of slip coach W7374W, SK E1390E and CK15121, and was successfully dropped at Bicester to an animated welcome from numerous enthusiasts". So that's one slip coach and two others. Why would there have been more than one slip coach as Johnster supposes? Chris
  12. This is not the last working. According to the Railway Observer, three coaches were slipped at Bicester on the last day, the others being an ex-LNER coach and a Mk 1 CK. I'll look it up on Sunday. Chris
  13. According to the head honcho of East Midlands Railway, who was answering questions at the recent AGM of Bedford Commuters Association, the 360s are scheduled to enter service between St Pancras and Corby in December 2020. There will be 21 sets operating mostly in 12 car formations. This will permit the massacre of the Midland main line timetable involving the removal of all stops south of Kettering from trains to and from Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Leeds. Those poor souls who live in, for example, Bedford and wish to visit, for example, Derby will have to change twice. This sounds to me like an incentive to make the journey by road. If EMR are aiming to take traffic off the M1 they seem to be going about it in an interesting way. Chris
  14. I am faced with a difficult decision because I cannot be in three places at once, though it's fun trying sometimes! Oh dear ... Chris
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