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  1. On how auto trains were described in working timetables: some time in the 1950s the description was changed to "rail motor". Clearly someone did not know that these beasts were withdrawn by 1935. Chris
  2. There was deliverance at 11 am today - better than the crack of noon when the mail normally arrives. Chris
  3. That's good to know - thanks. For some reason mail often takes longer to reach Bedford than other places. Just one of life's mysteries ... Chris
  4. Subscription copy eagerly awaited! Chris
  5. The name on the side of the trailer is WREN. With its sister THRUSH it used to work the Ealing - Greenford service until replaced by dmus in August 1958. The date of the photo is therefore after that. Chris
  6. I suspect that much depends on which way round the trailer is. Chris
  7. I think it more likely that these coaches spent the week at Kingsbridge, having arrived on the previous Saturday afternoon. This was certainly the case around 1961. Chris
  8. Rich, are you thinking of the Empty Diners? It ran each Friday in the summer from Paddington to Truro where the dining cars were detached and spread among the deserving. Chris
  9. This has to be one of the most evocative posts ever seen on RMweb! Regarding the Super D 0-8-0s at Tredegar, I think you will find that they were turned at Barry using a loop through the docks that would not permit larger tender locos. Towards the end, the Tredegar - Barry Island excursions comprised a pair of LMS corridor coaches and four suburbans of GW origin. This lucky boy had grandparents at Barry with a wonderful view from the front bedroom! Chris
  10. I spotted that just before the programme was transmitted. It was narrated by Sir David Attenborough with an arguably mischievous choice of music. Chris
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