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  1. 1982 If the year has a focus, it is on the replacement of Tyseley’s 116 trailers by 115 vehicles. The process was gradual. Most helpfully, the RO published a list of Tyseley set formations as at 29th March 1982. Non-116 vehicles are shown in italics and include members of Class 101. It is worth mentioning that, despite the pick and mix tradition of Tyseley’s sets, a handful were still formed as they had been delivered from Derby between 1957 and 1959! These are shown with an asterisk after the set number. TS500 50061+59718+50092 TS501 50057+59001+50097 TS502 50861+59002+50912 TS503 50076+59003+50118 TS504 50059+59004+50104 TS505 50065+59005+50094 TS506 50058+59006+50112 TS507 50069+59007+50099 TS508 50851+59376+50904 TS509 50072+59623+50105 TS510 50067+59010+50093 TS511 50054+59011+50106 TS512 50051+59012+50113 TS513 50077+59013+50120 TS514 50862+59014+50872 TS515 50050+59015+51143 TS516 50074+59016+50130 TS517 50824+59741+50906 TS518 50056+59018+50098 TS519 50064+59343+50111 TS520 50827+59361+50880 TS521 50060+59021+50902 TS522 50078+59440+50109 TS523 50055+59023+50116 TS524 50066+59024+50109. TS525 50830+59332+50883 TS526 50070+59026+50095 TS527 50834+59038+50887 TS528 50062+59028+50117 TS529 50828+59000+50127 TS530*50831+59339+50884 TS531 50052+59341+50914 TS532 50079+59351+50121 TS533*51129+59439+51142 TS534 50053+59342+50886 TS535 50860+59438+50913 TS536 50833+59442+50107 TS537 51130+59715+50108 TS538*51131+59441+51144 TS539 50063+59717+50119 TS540 50832+59029+50885 TS541 50835+59334+50888 TS542 50837+59595+50890 TS543*50842+59350+50895 TS544 50854+59336+50907 TS545 50819+59346+50915 TS546*51138+59448+51151 TS547 50857+59368+50910 TS548 50866+59352+50919 TS549 51136+59366+51149 TS550 50082+59115+50124 TS551 50852+59328+50871 TS552 50081+59543+50123 TS553 50810+59326+50878 TS554 50821+59333+50875 TS555 50826+59360+50905 TS556 50863+59118+50916 TS557 50840+59716+50100 TS558 50850+59020+50102 TS559 50073+59714+50891 TS560*51133+59443+51146 Subsequent alterations: TS523 50055+59019+50116 April 82 TS524 Reformed 50068+59009+50103 following Alvechurch accident in July 1982 Stored at Tyseley pending disposal: 50068, 59023 Spare vehicles: 59009, 59019, 59022. Reported as withdrawn: 59348 Withdrawals from Tyseley: July – 50066, 59024, 59338, 59358. August – 59008, 59017, 59365. December – 59000. There were transfers from Hamilton in March 1982 of 50820 to Reading and 59027 to Haymarket before being stored. Sets 116386 and 116395 were disbanded. On 9th August Hamilton depot was closed and its allocation moved to Eastfield. At Cardiff, May 1982 saw almost the end of the hybrid 117/116 sets: C450 acquired 59500 vice 59031, renumbered B436, transferred to Bristol C451 acquired 59504 vice 59371, renumbered B437, transferred to Bristol C452 acquired 59492 vice 59446, renumbered B438, transferred to Bristol C453 acquired 59479 vice 59340, renumbered B439, transferred to Bristol C450 retained its 116 trailer but exchanged 51352 for 51349. In September it acquired 59547 vice 59359, later moving to Reading. In October 1982 two three-car 116 diagrams in the Cardiff Valleys were replaced by single units. The 04.35 Treherbert – Cardiff was worked by a single unit and the 07.32 Rhymney - Cardiff, 17.02 Cardiff – Treherbert, and 17.11 Cardiff – Rhymney became four car formations. A further change was the replacement of a 116 diagram with a three-car 101 set covering the 06.15 Cardiff – Barry Island, 06.50 SX Barry Island – Rhymney, 08.25 SX Rhymney- Cardiff, 07.36 SO Cardiff – Coryton and 08.00 Coryton - Bute Road. Reading set L440 was disbanded so 50083 was on the move again, this time back to Cardiff where it formed new set C307 with 59031 [late of C450] and 50820 [late of Hamilton]. The observant will have noticed that it had two motor brake seconds. In October it was transferred to Laira. It was favoured for the Barnstaple branch because of its two brake vans but also worked the St Ives branch as a power twin. Hitherto little noticed were two 116/117 hybrids at Laira. In May 1982 P317 moved from Laira to Canton with 59446 vice 59492 and P319 did likewise with 59371 vice 59504. Until the arrival of set C307 in October the presence of Class 1l6 at Laira was reduced to a token 59340 in set P469 vice 59479, giving a 118/116 second class only hybrid, and eliminated in June when 59480 replaced 59340. There was still a 116 presence at Cricklewood. On 2nd November the sets observed in service were 50071+59229+50101 and 50114+59365+50923. Chris
  2. You will find a refeence to this on page 17 of my thread dealing with Class 116. Chris
  3. My mother died on my 37th birthday. I have had better presents ,,, Chris
  4. Social distancing had not been invented then. Oh, happy days ... Chris
  5. As it happens, it did not take me long to make sense of the diagrams. WORKING OF DIESEL PARCELS UNITS WINTER 1962-63 Set D70 6.0 am MX Leamington – Birmingham SH 7.50 am MX Birmingham SH – West Bromwich 8.21 am MX West Bromwich – Dudley 8.50 am MX Dudley – Stourbridge Jctn 9.40 am MX Stourbridge Jcn – Oldbury and Langley Green 10.28 am MX Oldbury and LG – Stourbridge Jcn 11.15 am MX Dudley – West Bromwich 12.15 pm MX West Bromwich – Wolverhampton 9.55 am MO Wolverhampton – Stourbridge Jcn 12 noon MO Stourbridge Jcn – Wolverhampton 1.25 pm Wolverhampton – Hartlebury [Attached: Brake Van MX Manchester – Kidderminster, Vanfit MX Oldham – Stourbridge, PMV Cardiff – Dudley] 3.50 pm Hartlebury - Wolverhampton [Attached: Stores Van No. 4, att Stourbridge Jcn] Stables at Wolverhampton SO 6.15 pm SX Wolverhampton – West Bromwich 6.49 pm SX West Bromwich – Stourbridge Jcn [Attached: Brake Van, att Dudley] 7.50 pm SX Stourbridge Jcn – Birmingham SH 9.0 pm SX Birmingham SH – Leamington Stables at Leamington SX Set D71 6.50 am MX Wolverhampton - Stourbridge Jcn 8.10 am MX Stourbridge Jcn -Wolverhampton 10.20 am MX Wolverhampton – Dudley 11†0 am ThO Dudley – Wolverhampton 11.40 am ThO Wolverhampton – Dudley 12.2 pm MX Dudley – Stourbridge Jcn 12.50 pm MX Stourbridge Jcn – Wolverhampton 2.50 pm SX Wolverhampton – Birmingham SH 4†25 pm SX Birmingham SH – Stourbridge Jcn 6.17 pm SX Stourbridge – Birmingham SH [Att: Set D31, 3 car suburban] 10.25 pm SX Birmingham SH –Wolverhampton [Att: Vans for Reading and Paddington] Set D72 6.0 am MX Birmingham SH – Bewdley [Att: fish van and parcels van for Kidderminster] 8.50 am MX Bewdley – Birmingham SH 11.28 am MX Birmingham SH – Shirley 12†10 pm SO Shirley – Tyseley sdgs 12.10 pm MSX Shirley – Stourbridge Jcn 12†20 pm MO Tyseley sdgs – Tyseley 12.28 pm MO Tyseley – Stourbridge 2.3 pm SX Stourbridge – Stratford 8.25 pm SX Stratford – Leamington 9.25 pm SX Leamington – Birmingham SH Stables at Tyseley If any of this does not make sense do not hesitate to say so! Chris
  6. There were three diagrams for the DPUs in the winter 1962-63 service, based on Leamington, Stafford Road and Tyseley. They are not without complexities. For instance, each car visited Stourbridge Junction but from different directions. The Stafford Road worked in multiple with a 3-car set for part of the day and each diagram involved the haulage of loco-hauled parcels vans. I'll make sense of it if anyone likes but it will delay the next episode of Class 116! Chris
  7. We are bogged down in the detail ... Chris
  8. A recommendation that I endorse. I have attended beer festivals there which I understand that I enjoyed. Chris
  9. ... but a bit more than 97 horsepower and not diesel engines. Yay to Flanders and Swann. Chris
  10. Look, I know I'm only a Saes but nothing degenerates into Hymns and Arias. It is a fitting tribute to Max Boyce that his song has been accepted so quickly by those on the terraces. Chris
  11. I think you will find that there are 30 days in September and that the standard liveries were adopted in 1949. During 1948 some experimental liveries were applied, including wine red for some non-gangwayed stock and plum and spilt milk for some corridor coaches. Chris
  12. I imagine that if the GWR had seen much potential in such a service it would have asked Parliament for the necessary running powers and/or found a partner company to share in the running of the service. Furthermore, what is now the Central Line from Ealing Broadway to Shepherds Bush was a satellite of the GWR when it was built. Chris
  13. Update: episode 3 was shown last night, and I have finally had a reply from the BBC. As others surmised, "the episode was replaced in the schedule due to the ongoing news story about the rail crash in Scotland earlier that day. As the situation was still unfolding and had been declared as a major incident, it was decided at 17.00 to replace the programme with a standby programme ... Given the sensitivity of the situation, the continuity announcers reflexcted the schedule change but did not give the reason for it ... We appreciate the frustration caused by last minute schedule changes but we hope you will understand our reasoning." To be honest, that is more than I expected. Chris
  14. As BR crimson was only introduced in 1949 I think it more likely that they would still be in LMS livery. Chris
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