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  1. With a layout of this quality and atmosphere, image stacking for the occasional hero image is definitely worth the extra 5 minutes work. That last shot is superb. The view past the signal box really sets the location and mood. This is something I am about to start experimenting with on my dioramas as the best shots are always along the track, not across the track, which means a viewing distance approaching 900mm and using the camera on wide angle gets too much background clutter in the shot, spoiling the effect.
  2. Static grass is simply nylon fibre chopped into lengths suitable for our purposes. The best colours and most realistic I found were from Polak. http://www.polakmodel.com/cs/vyrobky/main/0/Flockdekor-dlouhy---delka-4-5mm.html
  3. The amazing transition in the second photo from yesterday (#913) from outside reality to a miniature world perfectly formed!
  4. Go John! Just be sure you don't buy the one metre strip for $49.95 like Jaycar and other electronic shops (and lighting shops) try to sell you! They are no longer worth that much by a long way. For our purposes, the strip only has to be the correct colour. We don't need waterproof, or a fancy hand controller or a pulsing flashing light show in millions of colours. What you do need is a strong enough transformer to drive them (measured in both volts and amps). Be sure to check the total amp draw of the full reel and determine how much of that you will use to give you the power of the transformer that will handle the job without overheating. One layout I have worked on used two strips - one 3528 in cool white and one 3528 in bright white. Visually, it was an amazing rendition of sunlight. Bright whites can slide towards the blue a bit too much sometimes and need "filtering" with a warm white to give you the output colour you need for good photography.
  5. Update: 600,003 views! Is this the highest number on RMweb?
  6. Excuse the sky and the lack of smoke.
  7. Like you, I used a dog's breakfast of lighting when I first started photographing my layout as it was to hand. Naturally, I assumed that the white balance controls would sort it all out. Wrong. (Always remembering that I have a uni edumacation in photography!) I was mixing the overhead fluoro tubes in my man cave which are supposedly daylight corrected and horrendously expensive (I didn't put them in the ceiling) and compact fluoro work lights I purchased cheap from the local hardware so i could place the lighting where it was needed. However, once I had installed the permanent overhead LED strips (bright whites) into the overhead front edge of each diorama, the colour immediately became crisper and cleaner. Two strips of LEDs were used on each diorama - 1 x 3528 which was the original strip but was not powerful enough, so I added 1 x 5050. A full 5 metre reel of 5050 LEDs is rated at 72W so a one metre strip would be 14.4W plus the 3528 at around 4.8W makes for a nice bright, clean, but very sparkly lighting (masses of individual reflections off shiny surfaces). The strips were eventually run off a transformer rated at 9V instead of 12V as at full power, the light was more blinding than comfortable to work with. Just as a note (slightly OT), I have a 20cm strip of 12 x 3V LEDs running off 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (cheap alkaline Varta) which will form the basis of the interior lighting of my coach kits and so far, the lights have been continuously on since 28th April (today that makes it 720 hours). I have been slowly converting all the lighting in the house to LED where possible, as they are instantly on and consume far less power. If you have access to a strip of LEDs, give them a trial to see if you like the result. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/16FT-5M-12V-Flexible-300-LED-5050-SMD-Strip-Light-White-Car-Light-7-/200790213077?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2ec00781d5#ht_3694wt_1141
  8. I use a plastic scale figure in photos for people to judge scale. His name is Erbert.
  9. Clicking the link took me to a whole new world (of possibilities).
  10. Coming soon to a website near you! ManCam! Seriously though, this is mind-numbingly good stuff! :imsohappy: :imsohappy:
  11. Not sure if Anthony Ashley ever considered Aberystwyth as part of his layout but here is the link:- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/71151-north-welsh-coast-railway-welsh-dragon-rail/ He has a fantastic amount of information on Welsh railways in general.
  12. Let me know next time you are in Brisbane. I have a small gift for your airport.
  13. Did you manage to get it tax exempt? Looking nice. I think I might have pre-ordered one of these last year with Hattons. Never got an email to say the panniers were available. Mind you, funds are tight so I would have passed on it anyway. Shame, that would have finished my loco stable for my unbuilt West of Worcester idea.
  14. Another confirmed locoholic!!! Keep this build going - the details are superb.
  15. It might be small but it is beautifully formed as this shot demonstrates, there is always another way to photograph a model! This is a truly wonderful photo. When the results are this good, please post them!
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