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    The North Cornwall Railway - particularly late 50s and early 60s. 72A Exmouth Junction (I'm not even admitting it got a WR shed code). Strange Bulleid stuff, N calss, T9s, Beattie Well Tanks and lots of other Southern locos. Also finding myself strangely drawn to D63xx, D1000 and D7000 classes too - surely this can't be right? Mildly amused by GWR interlopers used on the NCR and B&W lines.

    Oh, Bulleid and Maunsell coaches too - 3 Set Ls, 2 Set Ps, loose BCKs and the ACE. Nice departmental stock in black with Meldon markings. Places of particular interest include: Wadebridge shed, Padstow Station, Molesworth Crossing, Bodmin North, Boscarne Jct, Helland Bridge and Wenford Bridge.

    To provide more of a challenge, in 2013 my modelling direction wandered to working in 7mm / 0 Gauge. The layout is called Pencarrow and, rather unsurprisingly, is inspired by the parts of Bodmin North I can fit in the railway room. As a Lockdown Quicky I built a small 4mm 00 cameo layout in 2021/22 based on the Wenford branch. That goes by the name of "Polsarrett" and is available for exhibitions.

    Having decided in May 2018 that I was spending way too long on railway forums, and being increasingly depressed by the posting behaviours of an increasing vocal minority, I've heavily reduced posting my modelling work. I'm still checking out a few favorite threads and talking privately to folk via PM. More importantly Pencarrow continues to progress well out of the spotlight.

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  1. I recently got a couple of IKEA Billy bookcases to modify into custom cupboards... We've had a few of these over the years and I must say I was shocked at the very poor quality of the latest chipboard panels, really soft and no strength to them at all. I've subsequently read on the website that IKEA has 're-engineered' the bookcases and it seems the consensus is that they've substantially reduced the quality of their 'timber'. Having gone through the above there's no way on earth I'd contemplate using an IKEA chipboard shelf as a layout baseboard. With the drop in quality I think it's asking for trouble.
  2. In that case I'm staying clear 😜
  3. Looks like it's definitely this Saturday but no details, other than date, on the club's website. Perhaps @ELTEL could provide an update?
  4. What makes a big difference, and makes the layout so much more realistic, is that it gets away from the flat world / baseboard that you see typically used on small layouts. Love the subtle level changes and slopes.
  5. A couple of SVR from last weekend... Not sure what I think of the Spam in yet another strange livery but better than it not being preserved.
  6. The lack of uniform height and colour, so often found in static grass applications, is great.
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