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  1. They were a bit more widespread than that, let's be honest. No shortage of photos (admittedly mainly in their slightly later years) showing them looking after a fair proportion of local services in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as well as South Yorkshire. They weren't averse to getting towards Cambridge and Peterborough, and don't forget the ones that went to Tyseley. Not as wide-ranging as a 101/5/8 or whichever, that's true, but no less so than many other models that have been produced over the years.
  2. I'd probably look out for a 114 DMU (small, commonplace and similar(ish) to the 108) and add another vote for the A5.
  3. Ebay is your friend for these items. Individual items from this set appear with considerable regularity. Keep searching over a few weeks and you'll probably be able to collect the lot.
  4. As another member of the rail-employee club, I also have the perks of rather heavily discounted travel... Which is how I do a 90-mile round trip each day between Derby and Birmingham. To be honest, it doesn't run too badly and, after nearly three years of doing it, I have got myself into a fairly reliable routine of regular trains, staff and even seats. As was stated above, it's funny how it settles in as part of your regular life. A working day doesn't feel like a working day when I go directly to London and back with EMT without observing the scenic delights of Burton and Tamworth.
  5. Evening all, I'm continuing some research into a small layout based on a fictional 'coast line' between Aberdeen-Cruden Bay-Peterhead around 1954-55. I'm pretty au fait with the locomotives that operated the tangle of lines in that area at the time, but the coaching stock is proving more of a mystery. Photographs from the late 40s seem to suggest a prominence of Gresley/Thompson non-corridor/corridor stock, whilst anything from the late 50s onwards starts to lean towards Stanier corridor stock. Does anyone know when this transition took place? With Bachmann's 'porthole' stock on the way, I'm keen to know whether I need to invest. Thanks!
  6. I'd say that is correct. I took a good look at them yesterday and they look great. The lighting on the stand and in the hall itself often accentuates raised relief to a distracting extent. Personally, I think they look like good, solid models. Besides, they're still pre-production examples. They impressed me, anyway. Incidentally, for those who are interested, the destinations on the Blue unit are Newcastle and (I think) Carlisle. The B/G example has Norwich on one end.
  7. Thanks both. A bit of a work in progress at the moment but something like this that makes use of a lot of my existing items that ran around the area (the subs, Standard 4 tank, Fairburn tank, Black 5 etc), appeals somewhat, especially once one of NB's 'finest' appears from Dapol!
  8. It is a marvellous little shop. Indeed the whole site is well worth a look. There's a wonderful bookshop a few doors down as well, which is a real treasure trove and has an owner who knows all there is to know about what he sells.
  9. Morning all, As a little mini-project, due to the fact that a new home has resulted in a big clear out and slightly reduced space, I'm thinking of modelling a little something around the north coast of Morayshire. 1959-69 is the planned time period, but I'm struggling a bit with ideas of coaching stock for the earlier years of this period. I know that ex-LMS stock was quite commonplace, but there also seem to be smatterings of ex-LNER stock lurking around prior to the big influx of Mk1s around '63 and '64. I wonder if anybody could confirm this and, if so, which types were used? I do have a few Gresley/Thompson subs as provided by Hornby, and the opportunity to use a couple behind a 2P or a NBL diesel appeals somewhat! Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated! Many thanks.
  10. I recall a photo from the time of a 121 on the line too, in NSE livery. Worth considering as something a bit different!
  11. These came from my Great-Great Uncle (the tall man in the hat), who worked as a cleaner at Caerphilly Works until closure and indeed, apart from myself, is the only known member of my family to have worked for the railway. These date from the late 40's (the first two) up to the last two - featuring the works foreman - which were taken with the last loco to leave the site in 1963. In all of them you can sense the camaraderie and their pride in their job. I'm very fond of these images...
  12. Thank you very much, Robert. I'd let the GW/GC joint slip my mind slightly when it came to LNER stock operations. Some interesting workings in that part of the world pre-Black5/4xMk1 combo and numerous 115s became the norm.
  13. Just a quick query on this subject... Did these coaches (or the Gresley equivalents for that matter) ever work out of Marylebone on the ex-GC lines? Given the abundance of R-t-R locos that are now available that worked out of Neasden in the 50s (L1, B1, Standard 4 tank etc etc) would this be an option for those on this thread who have asked about suitable workings for these locos/coaches? Most of the photos I've seen suggest ex-Met stock on anything running no further than Aylesbury, with a few Gresley corridors working on those trains too, but I remain curious nonetheless. Thanks.
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