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  1. Photo by John Goodale : 50 046 on the up at Reading on 6th August 1982...
  2. How's this for a 'garage / barn find' - a 1968 Mk2 Mini Cooper 998 with just three owners, complete with some nice period goodies... https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic-auctions/2649-22-Jun-2024/6141~3-1968-morris-mini-cooper-mk2&nbsp
  3. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. There are certain films which I can watch again and again without having to be in the right mood... 'Performance' - shot in 1968, released in 1970, with James Fox playing a gangster on the run who hides out in Mick Jagger's Notting Hill hippy gaff. An acquired taste probably, but it still beguiles me every time I watch it. 'Robbery'- 1967, Stanley Baker and co in an almost documentary style take on the great train robbery of 1963, directed meticulously by Peter Yates, who also directed 'Bullitt'. 'Villain' - shot in 1970, released in 1971, Richard Burton chews the scenery as London gangster Vic Dakin surrounded by a host of familiar British actors. Some have said that Burton was miscast in this but he's just as nasty in the role as the character was written in James Barlow's book 'Burden Of Proof, on which the film is based. I think the only other actor who could have played Dakin the right way is Ian Hendry. 'Get Carter' - shot in 1970, released in 1971, parallel with Villain and just as grim, despite being filmed in the summer months. I still can't look at a photo of a Deltic without thinking of this film! 'Ipcress File'- 1965, Michael Caine's second big break after 'Zulu', I've always thought of this as 'the perfect film', every shot counts, it oozes period atmosphere and John Barry's score is absolutely superb. 'Blow Up' - shot in 1966, released in 1966, often dismissed as it perfectly captures certain aspects of swinging London before it all became cliched and is beautifully filmed throughout. 'Wrong Arm Of The Law' - shot in 1962, released in 1963, one of Peter Sellers' best films, a real gem from start to finish with a great supporting cast. and some lovely railway footage. 'The Ladykillers' - 1955, a perfect film if ever there was one, it just works and captures views of London which are a joy to watch. 'Point Blank' - 1967, another American film directed by a Brit, in this case John Boorman, with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickenson giving very subtle performances. 'Bullitt' - 1968, a film with a lot more to it than the famous ten minute car chase, the pacing is a bit slow but Peter Yates' direction conveys a certain atmosphere combined with the San Francisco locations and Lalo Schifrin's score, which is perfect. 'Coogan's Bluff' - 1968, Clint Eastwood plays an Arizona cop who goes to New York to bring back a hardened criminal, the autumnal backdrop of NYC looks great on screen and the set pieces with the Edie Sedgwick style hippy chic carry the film along nicely, despite looking a bit cliched now.
  5. Love Is Such A Wonderful Colour - The Icicle Works
  6. Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage Mrs.Worthington - Noel Coward
  7. Photo by Ian Charles : 47 026 at Brum International on 21st November 1979 with 1O19, the 07.52 Newcastle - Poole... In 1976 Old Oak Secondman Tony Browning (who later became my traction trainee instructor) was driving 47 026 when he misjudged his braking and hit the stop block of platform 2 in Paddington!
  8. Photographer unknown but it might be a Graham Wareham shot : 47 514 at Nottingham in 1974 / 75...
  9. Photo by Simon Bradley : Peterborough, 2nd July 1982...
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