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  1. Well once the is beastly pandemic is over time for a return maybe Could one do It from know measurements and guesstimations? Sorry if that’s heresy
  2. Paul would it not be possible to 3D it then maybe have a casting to make N+1? Tom
  3. I’ve been pondering writing a SOP clocks changing manual as every year I’ve always forgotten how to change a Myriad of clocks around the house.. in that short space of time..
  4. I’ve got way to many things to distract me at the moment but I will have a go at a diorama at some point
  5. Just found your thread Neil and looking forward to this progressing, as an ex resident of York Is Jolly cabs building based on the rank near Micklegate Bar? Looks very evocative if nor.. Tom
  6. Some lovely baseboards and nice curving track there.. looking forward to seeing this develop..
  7. TT/3mm has always been a Scale I have wanted to dabble in but never got round to it I did do some plans for a TTm Swiss metre gauge layout but never got further than the back of an envelope A good start there and looking forward to seeing it progress..
  8. After a bout of various illnesses over the last year or so I find myself back on RMweb and noted in the 15 year birthday thread that I have been around for some time, but never achieved anything of substance unlike many on here.. not that I am measuring myself against this but I am finding my way back to the hobby I have always loved and now am finding a modicum of mojo. I have downsized much of my collection of stuff and am concentrating on building a very simple OO mini layout. I am also trying not to get sucked into current events and actually my hobby is exactly what I need to focus on this.. thankfully I’m medication free and am trying to walk outside everyday now the weather seems to have stopped the continuous cycle of wind and flooding.. anyway I felt I wanted to say hi again as feel like I went out for a pint of milk and never came back.. hope the black dogs are well and truely leashed up in there kennels and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here..
  9. I’m late to the party as usual.. first happy birthday to RMweb and Congrats to Andy for starting all this off, I have many happy memories from my early days.. I was one of the missing and I really can’t remember when I did join but I do have a mail from earlier in 2007but think it might have been 2006 for me. As for memories, inter-regional wars of 2007? between SAG and SWAG. The posting count wars. The 2nd? RMweb Open day I went to. The amazing conversations and friendships built through this platform. The amazing modelling skills of some true artists, a number now missed. The ups and downs of life weathered by friendly voices on the other side of the screen.. and just the fun and games.. Well done Mikkel and David both worthy winners and people who’s modelling I have long admired. Here’s to the next, well however long we have got..
  10. Tentatively pokes toe in the water..

  11. Gnnnaaaaarrr it’s almost as if your reading my mind I was looking at that and the Kato chassis to see if it fitted.
  12. A worthy winner, we’ll done. Well done to all entrants some interesting ideas there.
  13. I don’t know why but the arosa coaches don’t interest me. But the restaurant car is duly added to “the” list
  14. FREIGHT please!!! oh and thx for the vid v.interesting.
  15. So when does the parcel arrive?!
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