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  1. Good to see the progress on your layout. May I ask from where you got the fishing boat? Markus
  2. Since I send my mail to Osborns Models, I haven't received no answer except for their automated reply mail. I won't push it forward, as I had only ordered two articles. But for the future I think I won't order anything from them. I'm a bit sad about these, because they've got some nice N gauge vehicles. I also posted a warning in our german british railways forum, not to buy from Osbornes Models. Markus
  3. Hello, after my problems with Osborns Models during springtime. I thought why not give them a second chance, after I saw their Scania lorry. So I decided to oreder an Oxford Rail wagon and some Peco Rail Joiners for a future 00 project. These was at December 10th. I've paid with credit card. And since then no communication from Osborns. Today I asked for an update on my order. Let's see if I receive an answer. Markus
  4. Hello Martin, here a version that might work for you, simple use the runround track from Platform 2 as your throughtrack and change the mainline curve on the inside of the carriage sidings with the outermost carriagesiding track. Markus
  5. Hello, today I've uploaded a new video about my layouts on Youtube. I'm sharing some news regarding my N gauge layout, the layout room and my US themed H0 layout above the N Gauge layout. Markus
  6. During the summer I build a Kitwood Hill turntable. Since they aren't offering their H0 turntable anymore, I modiefied a 0n30 turntable to H0. Markus
  7. Thank you for your reply. Markus
  8. Hello, looks promising. May I aks from which source your buildings are coming from? Markus
  9. I contacted PayPal and the looked into it. After a few days my money was refunded. Markus
  10. Thank you for your reply. Markus
  11. May I ask, from which source the Robin Reliant is coming from? Markus
  12. I have placed an order on June 29th. The money was paid by Paypal the same day. Until now I haven't received the goods, and got no replies. I have send them an email about a week ago and on last thursday, but have received no reply. The Item I've ordered were shown as in stock at the time of ordering. Markus
  13. Since my last update I installed the turnout actuators, and soldered in the feeder and bus wires. Now I only had to solder the wires for the frog polarity to the turnoutfrogs. Today I was able to run the first train at Sorethroat, which I will share with you. I hope you enjoy the film. Markus
  14. Hello, since my last post I continued with laying the track on the seconde fibre board. I had choosen to to these on my workbench, because it is easier for me to do there, than when it is in its final possition. And I think I will continue these method on the rest of the layout. Now I think almost 95% of the track at Sorethroat is laid. Most of it is handlaid, with the exceptions at the engine facility one siding at the background and the lines leading to Sorethroat. For the logging branch I used leftover flextracks from Piko A Gleis, and a Atlas code 100 turnout. The other tracks
  15. Hello, it's been some time since my last update of the layout. I had lost a bit of my modelling mojo, maybe because I started to put in a ceiling in my modelrailway room, it was quite messy. But I managed to film a new update from my model railway room, where I show the new ceiling and some little progress I made during the time. And I will speak about future projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_JFaNJTypc Markus
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