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  1. Hello, during the last weeks I started with the building of my backdrops, and now about half of the backdrop is in place. DSCI4916 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4915 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4917 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4918 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4919 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4920 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4922 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4926 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4924 by mcruss1, on Flickr DSCI4925 by mcruss1, on Flickr Markus
  2. McRuss

    Loch Awe - An overview...

    Hello Pete, that could be a very nice looking micro layout. And regarding the distillery. As the station is on the line to Oban, there is the Oban distillery at Oban. Markus
  3. On February 22nd, I visited Model Rail Scotland for the first time. Here you can see a Video I made during my visit. Markus
  4. McRuss

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I haven't seen them on Friday at Glasgow. Markus
  5. Hello Martin, regarding your future lift out section. Maybe these could be of interest for you. It is a lift up section, made without to complicated methods. You just need some wood, and a pair of roller bearing drawer slides. I hope these would be some inspiration for you and others. Markus
  6. Hello, I've used small neodym magnets with 2mm in diameter and 2mm in lenght in curves, and with a bit of trying they work very reliable. With the Dapol Magnets on a friends layout we had the problem that the magnet pulled on the coupling pins and some very light wagongs (Peco Conflats and Lowflat Kits) where pulled down, and one axle of the wagon was pushed in the air. We also had the problem that a train that was passing over a Dapol magnet was uncoupled during its run along the track to the terminus station. I made a film about my trials with small neodym magnets. Markus
  7. I had the same idea for your problem as Phil. Markus
  8. Hello Joseph, I was aware of the cattle dock, but at the end of the bayplatform track, the drawings show something that looks like a platform Markus
  9. Hello, it's me again. On your plans there seems to be a short platform opposit of the Bayplatform tracks. Is these correct and are there any photos of it? Markus
  10. Hello Neil, I owned one kit of the jumbo myself, but due to two housemoves it got lost. I have never started with the building. So I will be interested to see your results. Markus
  11. Inspired by some trials of a friend of mine, I started my own test with Dapol Easyshunt couplers and neodym magners. Because of the curved nature of my terminus station I had to do some trials for the right arrangement of the possition for the magnets, which I show you in the video. Before another friend of mine installed the Dapol uncouplers, but these wasn't reliable, as very light wagons as one of my kitbuilt Lowfits was pulled towards the magnets, and another magnet installed in the throughtrack of a station resulted a train to uncouple when it passed the station. The magnes I used have a diameter of 2mm, and fits between the sleepers of my Peco track. I also found out recently that you could couple Rollingstock with Dapol Easyshunt couplers and Rollingstock with Microtrains couplers, and or Kato magnetic couplers together. The result could be seen here. Markus
  12. Hello Neil, I think you're building a Worsley Works Caledonian Railway Jumbo kit. What chassis are you intending to use? Markus
  13. Hello, as I'm a nurse. I can tell you that these thickening powder won't look that good. Yes it thickens the consistency of water, but you could see airbubbles that are trapped in the liquid by stirring in the thickening powder, and the water get's a more grey or white colour, and isn't as shiny as unprepared water. Markus
  14. Hello, you have achieved much in short time. Your viaduct looks great. I don't know if you know that there is a german speaking Forum about british railways and model railways. http://75355.homepagemodules.de/ Markus
  15. Hello Martin, regarding the computer screens. Last autum I bought a Teppka 10" screen, and had run it during during the FREMO Mammendorf Meeting for displaying our fastclock. I used it for three and a half day and on the full days it was used for about 10 hours a day. https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07FM6WX5S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Markus
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