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  1. Too cold for stripping (of the paint variety) in the summerhouse at the moment. Had my first Covid jab yesterday; it was all quite a military operation. The jab itself was thankfully painless. I asked if there were any tea or biscuits afterwards, but got a polite "no". Stay Safe as ever. PS This might be of interest Jeff, with your scientific bent. Found it on one of the educational groups I'm in...
  2. Very disappointed with your efforts Jeff; I was fully expecting the 1 in 100 up to Ais Gill to be accurately replicated. How standards are dropping nowadays. Yours faithfully, Mister disgusted, esquire, of Blea Moor
  3. It's too cold and bitter to venture far for my lockdown walk today. Plus I had my first Covid jab yesterday, so my arm aches a bit. So where have we ended-up? Down in the garden by the summerhouse. A few railway artifacts that don't mind being outside. The chair is a standard LMS 3-bolt one, which I found at Alsop-en-le-Dale on the former LNW line between Ashbourne and Buxton. The piece of rail is from Worthington on the Derby to Ashby line, retrieved when they were lifting the track back in the 1980s. Stay Safe!
  4. The track/signalling diagram (above) isn't totally accurate, that's why there may appear to be a few anomolies. But in reality, everything had a purpose. I recommend "The Back Line" by Hayden Reed (2019) for an excellent and detailed account of the GN in this area.
  5. Another Friday, so another walk. This time to the site of Oakley Crossing, where the LSWR Ringwood - Wimborne - Broadstone line crossed over the (then) A341; the main road from Wimborne to Bournemouth. The railway crossed the road at right angles in the foreground, in front of the modern house. The white house might well pre-date the railway, though am not totally sure.
  6. Thanks. The "creative" bit was trying not to get the ugly (temporary?) footbridge in the shot.
  7. We don't seem to have had any photos recently in this thread. Understandably perhaps, due to travel restrictions. Here's a shot from Castle Cary as an IET heads for Paddington; taken last December before Lockdown 3. Not all that creative, but there you go...
  8. Bradshaw's, or rather the publishers) used data supplied by the railways. Though often the railways used the Bradshaw format. Bit of a two-way thing. All very interesting... So am I for the gallows for posting this?
  9. Back from my morning constitutional. A bit windy today, though slightly milder. If this establishment was still open today, it'd probably be called Wimborne T&RSMD. But more prosaically, this is the remaining bit of what was once the S&DJR engine shed at Wimborne. Here we see some staff accommodation with, on the right, what I think was the sand drying house.
  10. So if I have an original copy of a Bradshaw from 1945 (not a reprint), if I copied it, I'd have the copyright of the copied version. Is that correct?
  11. Would Bradshaw's timetables now be out of copyright, or at least those before 1951?
  12. Today our little walk takes us along the old carriage drive to Canford Manor (now Canford School). At the end we find this rather elaborate railway underbridge. The occupants of the Manor didn't want any old bridge over their drive, so when the Southampton to Dorchester line opened on 1st June 1847, they built this. Once the main route between London and Weymouth, as Bournemouth grew, the line through Ringwood and Wimborne declined. On summer Saturdays, through expresses between Weymouth/Swanage to Waterloo continued along this line into the early 1960s; even the "Bournemouth Be
  13. Class 56 cabs are a bit of a minefield, especially when earlier examples were fitted with the later design after accident damage. Hope Hornby do some proper DMUs in the future.....
  14. Couldn't find anything about Local Lockdown Walks, so thought I'd start a thread. Basically, anything you've seen on your local lockdown walk that has some form of a railway connection. So, first up, from our afternoon walk today in our local area. A boring hedge perhaps, but actually it follows the line of the Dorset Central Railway between Corfe Mullen Jn and Wimborne Jn - we are looking towards the latter. Opened on 1st Nov 1860, it later became part of the well-loved Somerset & Dorset. However, this section closed to passengers from 12th July 1920 and goods from 17th June
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