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  1. Zooming on these suggest various shades of grey (noting processing limitations)… https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/dmu-1xx/120/hA870BF74#ha870bf74 https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/dmu-1xx/120/hF463C84B#hf463c680 https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/dmu-1xx/120/hF463C302#hf463c302
  2. I’ve not seen the article but one way you can achieve the finish is to dry brush Humbrol Metalcoat 27004 - Gunmetal and/or mixed with metallic 53 - Gunmetal. Use the paint without stirring and look to use the thick grungy pigment at the bottom of the tin, dry brush on and allow to dry. Once dry you can lightly polish the body with a large soft bristle brush - must be dry - and will give you the sooty/oily ‘sheen’.
  3. Its just been realised the planned pumping station to prevent the brook flooding the road won’t cope with the peak volumes of water...another delay to completion is being reported.
  4. It might not help resolve the issue, but it looks like the coupled wheelset has been inserted upside down. The raised points on the coupling should point upwards.
  5. The height adjustable kits are surprising not ‘that’ expensive - relative to buying the desk. https://www.amazon.co.uk/FLEXISPOT-Adjustable-Electric-Two-Stage-Automatic/dp/B07HFZP1Q3/ref=pd_lpo_196_t_0/258-9988496-2069329?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07HFZP1Q3&pd_rd_r=c5f0c7c1-a1b6-4f1a-964c-a6ff01303511&pd_rd_w=tlbIp&pd_rd_wg=52NfY&pf_rd_p=da0677f5-a47b-4543-8b54-10be576b8f26&pf_rd_r=PRQETYEV0M3CXC3X39HT&psc=1&refRID=PRQETYEV0M3CXC3X39HT I’ve been thinking about this as I suffer the same as the OP. My concern with the kits are what there lateral support is like when apply pressure when cutting/filling etc... not a fan of a wobbly desk!
  6. If you search “Lincolnshire potato railways” on google, lots of images of sacks (including logos) loaded onto NG wagons during the 30’s...
  7. Any good? https://www.polishingjewellery.co.uk/product/abrasive-diamond-coated-strip-files/
  8. I use a “Uni Paint White” marker as https://www.amazon.co.uk/Uni-ball-Paint-Marker-Extra-White/dp/B001ARZBRY or Molotow white paint pen. Both are supplied with 0.5mm nibs (possibly even 0.3) and are suitable for hand scribed chalk markings. Being “paint” it’s permanent and withstand handling.
  9. The Stoke Brook runs adjacent to the railway from South Wales and follows the chord to Bristol Parkway, crossing the road less than 10m from the new bridge on the non Rolls Royce side. As the road surface is being lowered you would hope that it will be rediverted or at least culverted beneath...it does have history of flooding...
  10. I'm surprised there are no posts on the status of the bridge which is (still) ‘stuck in mud’ - all 4260 tonnes of it - some many meters away from its final location...
  11. There are plenty of drawings available via various forums, websites and members willing to share info, as well as much trawling through online images for specific details. As niche as it may seem, the narrow gauge network across Sweden both - 891mm and 1098mm - were (in comparison to standard gauge) extensive.
  12. I model Swedish Narrow gauge (891mm gauge/ Swedish 3 foot) which conveniently converts to 25.4mm (1 inch) gauge in 1/35 scale. As a result I can exploit 7mm scale wheels and 1/35 scale military (civilian) kits...and scratchbuild the rest....
  13. Sorry, just noticed this post... There has been some discussion recently to modify the bridge but not replace it. There was a plan to incorporate an ‘avoiding portal bore’ through the embankment to allow for cyclists and pedestrians, keeping them away from the road. Then the road could be ‘widened’ but no mention of what was going to be done with the arch of the original brick built bridge which remains to be the pinch point. I don’t think think this ever got much further than an initial proposal (or even an idea!) and then COVID hit.
  14. Not sure if you’ve seen this or helps answer the question...
  15. Not sure if it’s an issue For the OP application but every time I’ve used this, it doesn’t dry clear leaving a white bloom.
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