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    All things GWR

    In 2014 I started to build my version of Henley on Thames, GWR in the mid-1930's. Progress is slow, but it's a big layout....

    I have had a fascination with Henley for ages, I remember one of my drives out just after passing my test was to Henley. The station building had only been knocked down a few years before. In those days, there was a huge expanse of open space around the one remaining platform, I recall the Goods shed had gone, but for some reason the Provender store was still there. That was an addition after the war, so will not be included in my model.

    Initially the railway was in its own purpose built garden room when we lived in Felpham, West Sussex. In Feb 2019 we decided to retire to Spain and the railway having been carefully packed is now emerging into the layout you now see.

    Temporary stalled projects:
    -I have a rake of Airfix carriages which will form the basis of a Centenary rake. This will include a Comet 1st class Kitchen (Being built March 2012), together with overlays for some of the other carriages needed for a rake of 6 in total
    -Set of Slaters Toplights, need to be finished and adjusted so they run properly;
    -Comet sunshine coach, needs a couple of weekends to finish;
    -Detailing the interiors of my carriages to include passengers and LED lighting.

    My wish list: GWR Semaphores (working from Dapol) although I will need bracket signals as well; RTR Collett Autocoach (to modern standards); Metrotank / 517 class. I'm waiting with anticipation for the new Kernow Steam Railmotor; and the Dapol and Heljan GWR Railcars.

    I am a member of the GWS at Didcot, Talyllyn Railway, as well as the Bluebell Railway.

    The old Layout is on RMWeb at: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/67477-wharncliffe-junction-gwr-in-the-1930s This has now been dismantled / fell apart in our move to Felpham - but the new layout will be even better :-)

    Although the railway is new, the station building of Henley on Thames has been on-going for a number of years and is on the old forum: http://www.rmweb.co....php?f=8&t=20200

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  1. I would suggest you call Mike. Really helpful guy when you speak to him on the 'phone.
  2. It looks very nice in Grey Kevin. Personally I’d suggest it’s left in grey, red or black lettering I would have thought would be typical of the times.
  3. This is going to be a lovely layout when built. When we lived in Sussex, Lewes was a regular Saturday afternoon destination.... always arriving by train. Good luck with the project, hope your health is ok.
  4. Thanks @Benbowfor this information. Is the current Oxford tractor a Fordson N?
  5. Yes! Way before Kingscote, but the reason I missed things like the Brighton events is that we did not live locally. I consider “my time at the railway” to be when we lived in Sussex which is a lot more recent. I have 35mm slides from visits to the Bluebell from the 1970’s, with my parents and grandparents; both way before services went to Kingscote. I then remember the push pull service to West Hoathley and did that a few times. Having then moved to Hove, East Sussex, we became more frequent visitors for probably 15+ years, including holding a lineside pho
  6. Before my time at the railway.
  7. No I don’t remember Gladstone coming to the Bluebell. Richard @rasalmon might know. Is there any real news about the railway? I think we’ve done the track to death now and can probably move on.
  8. Talking of which - a few years ago when we were at the West Somerset Railway, we popped into a pub in Watchet. Two fellas at the bar were talking about the local weather.... "If you can see Wales, it's not raining" "If you can't see Wales, it's raining there and will probably be raining be here shortly!" By the way, the sea mist has cleared from our bit of Spain, although it's a bit overcast today. Muddy rain is due here on Monday :-( Btw: Lovely shot of the auto coach on the viaduct and lovely shots of steam lorries. I am surprised that Oxford don't make some steam lor
  9. Saturday lunchtime project update: I have received the first consignment of Kadee couplings; with another batch due to be delivered on Monday. The first delivery came from Hattons, although it seems the NEM couplings are out of stock in a few model railway shops in the UK. Therefore consignment 2, with the NEM 18 and 19 are coming from a model shop in Barcelona. Kadee in the USA has plenty of stock, but it seemed silly to order from America if one of their stockists here could oblige. This week I've spent quite a bit off time painting passengers for my carri
  10. That Hotel looks great @john dew and wow that staircase looks great, I bet you had fun building that..... The quartet looks good for the opening night, although I think something might happen to them all one by one :-) Great to see the progress, Im looking forward to seeing the hotel instu.
  11. I am pleased to say that my layout of Henley on Thames is appearing in its first exhibition this weekend. As well as Henley there are 25 other layouts, its free, but please donate to the Cholsey Wallingford line. http://www.kenavon.btck.co.uk/Exhibition
  12. Morning all; greetings from Spain. In visiting LM today, I am not sure whether I am required to comment on the Pickfords Trike; the current status of the committee; the Dukedom arriving, or the weather (Raining, or whether its now stopped). All I can say with any certainty, is that in our bit of Spain we have a sea mist.... Other than that, its business as usual :-)
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