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  1. Fitted a blanking plug and the short was not there so it looks like the chip
  2. Yes it previously worked Can't tell why All locos were boxed up and placed on layout only recently after a break all work fine this one caused a dead short - I have circuit breakers etc on ESU ECoS system It happens on the main and when only it is connected to the programming track Removing the decoder stops the short so it's definitely the decoder
  3. Hi all I have one of these and the chip is showing a dead short, obviously the loco has speaker fitted The chip is 8 pin so presumably I can just find a replacement 8 pin sound decoder and do a simple replace Any ideas on such replacements as obviously the original tts was a generic one Help appreciated Thanks kj
  4. I want to alter the cvs on a Switchpilot servo How do I access these on the command unit Confused! I am using Switchpilot servo and the extension to power the frog change and esu servos to change the turnouts Confused Thanks in advance
  5. I will try and post some video I don't want to reveal the project as I don't want to criticise if it's wrong before I know
  6. I have received a loco S15 Hornby with a loksound 4 fitted The first question I have is should the chuffing sound be louder than incidental sounds such as fireman shovelling , boiler filling, steam cocks.etc I am new to this and also the loco starting chuffs don't seem to be slow on start like the TT ones on the Duke of Gloucester. It seems to chuff quickly after starting. Any thoughts - welcome I am using an elite but have a ECoS (mass pressies) which I am yet to connect needs some study!
  7. I received my Calbourne yesterday - not to rub anyone up the wrong way I only ordered it this year, but I recently ordered a Cock of North TTS sound and some other items on next day delivery and was really pleased to receive all the items together with Calbourne in a well packed box. Great service running in on the rolling road now
  8. Thanks RFS That explains it nicely Its actually a control on the track bus rather than the Accessory Bus I intend chopping in the Elite for an ECoS 5000 and my research already says the PSX works ok with that system so out to get a PSX - wont be so critical if it doesn't suit the Elite Thanks again
  9. Hi All I am building a new layout and from all I have read it is best practice to have a separate Accesory Power bus I have bought the new Cobalt ADS-8fx Decoders at RMweb (great chat with Richard Johnson and Pete) ( I already have 16 points wired using Peco point motors) and wired this in successfully But how do I physically set up an accessory bus from the elite and I Understand I need to isolate this from the Track bus using an isolator such as the PSX circuit breaker Can someone explain exactly how the wiring would be done - I just cant get my head around where the leads would g
  10. zep75

    Hornby P2

    Very impressive I am keen to do similar As a matter of interest what glue do you use Presumably drilled holes for both handrails and lamp irons? Any chance of a straight on pic of the tender rear? Thanks
  11. Yes - The Idea is to have the fiddle yard on the lower level
  12. Hi Guys I moved house last year and have now a brand spanking new outbuilding - fully insulated Electrics etc measuring 10 x 7 ft - smaller than i would like but life is a compromise Planning is to start - I like most of us have lots of stock - too many engines and am thinking a Shed Layout with a Station part or all off scene perhaps Scale will be OO - Tried n but just too small for the eyes !! But My first question relates to the thorny subject gradients/space betweeen layers etc Within this size do i have room to have a lower layer with a stock storage are
  13. Hi all - Late notice i know But there is an open day being held tomorrow at the Social Club in Woodford Halse Model railway open - based on Woodford Halse Also GCR enthuisasts slide show Local History and photoghraphic societies having stands At Woodfrod Halse Social Club 12pm t0 7pm Entry Free Tea coffee and light refreshments available
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