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  1. Glad the G E drivers worked Chris will be ordering a set before long for the same purpose. The shelter looks nice and with the time it takes to build no real hastle to rebuild it later. Mark
  2. mitziblue

    Another one

    Hi Natalie Another old time modeler, things are really looking up in 2 mil Mark
  3. You can't be serious, you let Bryn drive you
  4. Nothing special yet but looking at getting a Fender Mustang 2
  5. Nice to see some work going on. Some idiot bought a guitar and modeling has now stalled here. Mark
  6. All still asleep in the house so no guitar playing, finally doing some modeling

  7. Fantastic result Did you use the stone dust for the earth?
  8. Looking good gal I would just like to say the building of the end curves was all Julia's work, I just guided her threw it while working on my own jobs. well done Julia. Mark
  9. Thanks for helping me out today it was a pleasure to have you along. Mark
  10. Looking fantastic Chris Getting a layout to run nicely seems to take an age I know others are having the same problems, trust me we will spend the weekend tweaking bits as we go along and find other probs to be addresed at a later date but slowly it gets there. As for you running the layout I have spent much of this week trying to simplify it as much as possible for you. Mark
  11. where the hell is transit ted?

  12. Looking good Chris Will this end up in a full lined crimson livery?
  13. Hi Chris Checking through the book I got before spraying the loco it seems they droped linning on goods engines in 1909 and this class went black from 1913 so what I have done is the finnished livery for 1910. From the age of 16 I have tried to play the guitar, giving it up for a few years here and there but always come back to it. It just seems I'm playing this more often in my spare time at the mo probably in anticipation of buying a Fender Stratocaster in a few weeks, only wanted one for 25+ years. Mark
  14. Hi All This holiday has seen some progress on the modeling front. Three new wagon chassis have been built for some more of the robo cut cattle wagons, also two of the boards have had the track cleaned back up in preperation for W E's next outing on May 21 in believe it or not Witney,althou a small show this is one I have been looking forward to. Hopefully there should be a wealth of imformation to be gathered about the lines existence. Guest operator for the day will be Steve once more also Missy will be demoing threwout the day. On to the picie. Over a year ago I built a midland traction truck, this was in operation at the 50th aniversary expo in Oxford at the time it had no load so Steve very kindly offered to build one for it which he completed a few months ago under the condition it was loaded on for the next exhibition. Chokes in with some 1x1 brass section to rep large timbers it is tied down using etched container securing chains from N Brass Locomotives. This is a very fine etch and extremaly hard to see the tags to cut for removing the items but well worth the effort. finally the yolks are tied down with one of my daughters hairs obtained while she was distracted. This now left it ready for the tarpallings which are made from a thin piece of lead molded over the load and trimed to shape then covered in cigaret papers and painted , weathered to suit. Finally tie down ropes were added to finish the job. You didn't think I would hide that marvolous work did you Steve a magnet is installed under the lead to remove the tarp's when in the loading bay. Mark
  15. back from work ,so it's definataly Pimms o'clock

    1. bcnPete


      need to import some on my next trip to the UK...got all our neighbours hooked on it!...

  16. Nice job Chris Ihope you have put some virtical spacers in as well as horizontal. Mark
  17. Hi Updating this thread is becoming increasingly awkward for me to do as late, weather it's the lack of somthing new to write about or I'm just not enjoying it at the moment I just don't know.But here I am again. Progress has moved on well with the goods engine all nicely painted up and looking fit to pull its first train. Well I wish that was the case, most of the evening has been dedicated to find the short when the body is on and there is still an intermitent one left. last night I fitted the smaller motor in the tender only to find it sits to high still, this is not a big problem at the moment as I can lower it in to the frames slightly but it all goes to zapping the confidence somewhat. All these little problems and I still have my pet hate to go forming the universal joints between the tender and the engine . Still got a dart match to go to tommorow and no time the rest of the week, at least now I can walk away from it untill the weekend , Mark
  18. Hi All Ally Pally this past weekend was just what was needed to kick start my modeling again. A chance to sit down at a bench with a selection of tools,kits and explane and hopefully encourage a few people to give it a go.Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as me. With no other distractions such as guitars and the family I finally managed to get something done. Work has now re comenced on my 700 class goods engine, this has been shelved for a while until I picked up the castings needed which I manadged at the show.Just about all the soldering is done now leaving the white metal springs,sand boxes and a few other pieces left to go. As you can see there is still plenty of scrapeing and cleaning left to do but with incentive high I'm sure this won't be to much of a chore Mark
  19. It's all your fault Seiously thou good to see you at the show . What's your fault I hear you ask well i have spent the entire day working on that little brass engine so it is ready to run the next time we meet up. thanks for the added insentive Mark
  20. Don't worry about the threes Pete, been fiddling with three points ,magnets ,coach bogies and wirring on mine since I got back from the exhibition.Problems only seem to show up when ten or more people are watching and if one has a video camera all hell breaks lose. I know what your going through Kris, just remember it's a hobby you enjoy. Mark
  21. Hi Been a while since i put a post on here but to be honest I havn't done any modeling until last week from before xmas. Incentive was raised again threw helping run one of the local clubs layoutat an exhibition in St Albans a couple of weeks ago and now it's full steam ahead again. Last week I had a play at strething a midland 9ft wheel base chasis to form a glass wagon all constructed from nickle silver which i now prefer to brass. The gantrywas fret sawed outof a single piece which took up most of the afternoonwhile watching chittychitty bang bang. Really running low on spare parts at the mo wagon buffers ran out building the last wagonand this Sunday left to my own devises I thought iwould have a go at some dumb buffer stock, flicking threw my wagon books i found a pair of 6ft wheelbase bolsters so cutting down another two chassis a pair of these have now rolled off the production line. Mark
  22. Fantastic job chris Found these a bit of a pain when I first made one so well done, the dimensions of these kits check out fine against drawrings I have so don't worry just remember small is beutiful. Mark
  23. Steve posted at 22:55,what the hell is up with you should of been in a pub. rambling over just got in off to bed Mark p.s god i'm suprised i can still type
  24. Excelent work Steve Now got two tutors when it comes to building my points Still think my guess of 2011 to yours of 2020 was closer for compleation. Mark
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