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  1. Anyone else getting pop-up ads in Chinese here on RMWeb?

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      They’re recall notices for your toy trains. 

  2. December 1st if you have a winter or Christmas themed micro layout you’d like to share. Otherwise the issue is jam packed, and I’m working towards the spring issue. Maybe I’ll have to go to bi-monthly. Ian
  3. Marc: It is I that should be thanking you for letting me share Brachty Bridge. It’s layouts like yours that can inspire others to try building a micro. The pressure is on to keep the standard up for the Christmas/Winter issue. Ian
  4. Thanks, but it’s all down to the modellers. All I do is put the thing together. It wouldn’t be anything without them. I’m grateful that they let me publish their work for the world to see. Personally, I have always considered four square feet as a rule. There has to be a hard and fast upper limit, otherwise you receive submissions from 8 square feet to as much as 16 square feet. Carl often referred to large scale layouts that exceeded 4 square feet as “in the spirit of a micro”, which is something I’ll gladly carry on as the magazine develops. Right now, its early days and I’m still trying to find a direction for it. I have features I want to run and things I want to try, but still carry the spirit of Carls original “Micro layouts for model railroads” website I appreciate you taking the time to read it and share your opinions. Ian
  5. Issue two of The Micro Model Railway Dispatch is available to download from the link below. Layouts from all over the world again in all scales. I hope you enjoy it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdzbcq2boc75fdz/The Dispatch Issue 2_Final.pdf?dl=0 Ian
  6. Wow! The Dispatch. Bringing modellers together since 2021 Ian
  7. I want to see pictures of this Lego layout when it’s finished! I see no problems with your scheme. The inglenook concept is pretty rock solid, after all, it’s been around since 1926. So you needn’t worry about breaking it. Just get building and post pictures. I want to see Lego locos and wagons. ian
  8. Issue 2 of The Dispatch was sent to the subscribers yesterday. That means that this time next week the rest of the world will be able to read some more micro layout goodness. Of course it’s not too late to sign up and receive your copy early like the other 100 subscribers on the mailing list. Just email [email protected] and I’ll arrange it for you. Ian
  9. Wonderful. I've really enjoyed following the progress of the build. I hope when you're ready, you'll consider sharing some pictures of it with the readers of The Micro Model Railway Dispatch. Ian
  10. Some good initial concepts there. You do state that your chosen prototype is Highland Railway 1920's. It might be worth googling some images of the period to see what it really looks like. It might give you some more, even better ideas. Ian
  11. I’m working on putting issue 2 of The Dispatch together, so if anyone has any less than 4 square feet micro layouts they’d like to share with the world, drop me a line at [email protected] Ian
  12. Outstanding images. I love them. Great work. ’ Ian
  13. Thanks Max. I'm glad you like it. If you've anything you'd like to submit, that would be great. Ian
  14. Send the pictures and a bit of background information about it to [email protected] Ian
  15. Progress shots are good. Progress shots would be great in The Dispatch Ian
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