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  1. It’s a standard sheet of 20 x30 cork faced foam core
  2. I have been rather busy on the layout doodling front over the past few weeks coming up with all kings of ideas. Coal loading screens and chalk quarries, to name but a few. So I decided to build a new baseboard out of foamcore board. The frame was a laminate of a couple of pieces of 5mm black foamcore. One piece smaller than the other so that the surface of 10mm cork face board sat on the ledge created. The frame was glued and pinned in place while the glue set. Then some extra bracing underneath. The finished item is rigid and very light
  3. Nice. Interesting subject. I wasn't aware of any Brazilian Railway models. I really like this little model.
  4. That's another great image from Gordon Edgar. Nice find. Thanks.
  5. Look at that, six and a half years since I posted to this blog. Is it worth it? It's not like I've been inactive. I have blogged in the old places, posted on the forum side, and kept active on Facebook too. I just didn't use this blog. Six months after that last post here, I had a nervous breakdown, so my mind was a mess anyway. But I have that mostly sorted out. I still see too many inspirational photos of things that I feel I must model. So my mind is still messed up in the same way it was before. So, rambling thoughts about a baseboard, using a 30" x 20" sheet of cork
  6. I've seen some very interesting images of railways serving APCM quarries and works lately. Can anyone suggest some good online reference material to check things out in more detail?

    1. spamcan61


      Of marginal relevance maybe, but as it happens I was searching for info on the Houghton Regis APCM plant yesterday and came across this site, which gives a good deal of details of many cement works. Although it doesn't focus particularly on the rail side there are links out to other sites:-



    2. Ian Holmes

      Ian Holmes

      Fascinating site nonetheless. Thanks for that.

  7. A short blog post that may give some insight into planning and developing the concept for this micro layout. https://ogaugemicrolayout.blogspot.com/2020/06/a-place-called-nogg.html
  8. Nogg. It’s there. On the maps. Just north of the old Cromford and High Peak line to Hoptonwood quarries, famed for its high quality limestone for gravestones and memorials. Nogg. I couldn’t pass on that name. Nogg mine was an old lead mine. There are pictures of the windswept locale on the aditnow website. So I decided to create a scheme for a small branch off the Hoptonwood branch (a twig if you will) to meander up to the bleak hillside where there would be a small quarry. My plan, based on one of my doodles. Originally was going to be in 4mm scale. Then I thought about work
  9. I like the sound of that idea. Thanks Ian
  10. Good to know. I’ll take a look. Thanks Keith ian
  11. Agreed. But as my chosen subject is an industrial quarry railway, I figured I could probably get away with it. ian
  12. Anyrail, also does not seem to be available for Mac. Doodles coming soon, that might help explain what I’m after too. ian
  13. Templot is not available for Mac ian
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