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  1. Looking good. Well thought out. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished layout.
  2. Superb little layout. The overall view is inspiring me. I have one last IKEA APA box and some On30 stock. I've been looking for something like this layout to kickstart the project. Thanks for the inspiration
  3. Very nice use of such a small space. I’m always fascinated by models of prototypes that I know nothing about. Top notch model.
  4. I wondered what had happened to this. Thanks for digging it out and stirring the memory
  5. Definitely interested to see how this develops, especially using so much cardboard for the baseboard. I’d been eyeing up that corner protector angle card for quite some time but never got a chance to use it. I hope it works out for you.
  6. Facebook has its uses. This appeared in my Facebook memories today “I bought an APA storage box from IKEA yesterday. I think it's eminently suitable for housing some kind of small diorama style model railway layout.” Aparently (excuse the pun) this was the first recorded suggestion of the use of these boxes for model railway purposes. The rest, as they say, is history. Model Railways in APA boxes sprang up all over the world, everywhere there was an IKEA store to buy one from. Gn15 modellers were the first to adopt them. Then a group of German On30 modellers built a modular layout using them. Modellers around the world with limited woodworking skills and facilities found they could assemble a layout easily. Once clever woodworking shops realized the market was there for easy to assemble baseboard kits, they started to be sold in a wider variety of sizes than the humble APA could offer. I still have one of my APA box layouts to take to a show if necessary. In fact I still have an APA kit unopened in its packaging, ready to go should the inspiration strike. So, happy APA box model railway day to you all!
  7. Wow! You have made the Scalescenes box file layout kit look like something out of this world.
  8. Looks great. Really enjoying following this build. Excellent craftsmanship.
  9. As it seems like another new model railway project is taking off I’ve decided to give the old blog that I started about 7 years ago a new lease of life. Follow the attempts to recreate the Ffestiniog Railway in 1:305 scale at https://nanomodelrr.blogspot.com That’s where all the detailed information on my madness will be. I’ll link to it through here of course. But there will be lots of ‘exclusives” and stuff you won’t see here over there as time progresses.
  10. Lest anyone thinks I’m bluffing with my plans for a 1:305 scale model of the Festiniog Railway. Here’s a proof of concept study of the double Fairlie “Little Wonder” made from sections of styrene rod and strip. I think this is do-able.
  11. As I like to say. “It’s not what you’ve got it’s what you do with it”. Your track layout is the same as my current 4mm scale layout on here clever use of buildings and other structures will help raise this from “got to start somewhere” to “this is a really cool layout”
  12. Sufficiently intrigued by Martin K’s work on his linear motor based model. I decided to see if I still have the abilities to work in these tiny scales. The attached video outlines a few musings about what I plan to do, and gives a quick introduction to the teeny trains system that will form the basis of the model. A test track first, using a Basic teeny trains set and some simple scratch built locomotives and coaches to run on it. If successful this could lead to something like a section of Aberglaslyn pass or Cei Mawr in an APA Box. We’ll see...
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