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  1. It's not a problem at all. Everything micro is fair game for The Dispatch Ian
  2. Do you like it? Then it's good enough. Send me a picture and a few words description, and I'll put it in the layout gallery section. Ian
  3. As a result of all the interest I have started work on the next issue of The Dispatch If anyone has something they’d like featured. Drop me a line at MMRDeditor [at] gmail.com. Ian
  4. To all those micro layout modellers who would be interested in a “subscription “. Please send your email address to MMRDeditor [at] gmail.com I’ll put you on a mailing list and we’ll go from there. As a perk of subscription, you’ll get to access the download of the issues early. Ian
  5. It's important to remember that even Carl drew a distinction between micro and small layouts. His website started off as the "micro layout design gallery". Then after the gallery had reached 200 schemes he expanded to include the "small layout scrapbook". Parts of The Dispatch will have a scrabook feel, but the content will be exclusively micro. Ian btw: Schiller Point is still one of my favourite small layout scrapbook schemes of all.
  6. Glad you like it. It’s early days yet. This issue was to “test the waters”, so to speak. To gauge the interest. Which seems fairly positive right now. As things develop I’ll see about adding email sign up lists and such like. Ian
  7. It has always been four square feet. I've seen modellers create micro layouts in 16mm scale in four square feet. This is one of the points of the introduction of the publication. To get people back to thinking of a micro as 4 sq.ft. and smaller. There's no need for any complicated fudging and mathematics to adjust sizes dependent on scale. Accept the 4 sq.ft. limit for what it is and work within it. I'd like to see a return to the early days of micro layout design and the creativity shown. The fiddlestick and the train turntable were developed. Sector plates and cassettes wer
  8. Same as it has always/traditionally been. Four square feet. Ian
  9. I would totally be in favour of showing this layout in The Dispatch sometime. I'd forgotten all about it. Shame on me! The address for submissions is [email protected] Ian
  10. It's called The Micro Model Railway Dispatch. I have been working on it for the past few months. The preview issue is out now. I hope you like it. You can down load this preview issue through the Dropbox link below. Hopefully it will be a new way for micro layout fans to share their passion for this branch of the hobby. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ophuj2uvq82uj3y/AAAxyOu9VECNQk71Ll3j2zGka?dl=0 Ian
  11. Some more updates from the box file micro. I found these "wire foliage branches" in my store of scenic materials the other day, and I though they might make good birch trees with a minimum effort, and who doesn't like minimum effort... The plan is to use a small clump of birch trees to hide the engine shed's join to the side of the container. I think that's going to work. The overall scene is starting to come together quite nicely. I might just get some ballast on the track soon.
  12. @Wrenn @Man 'o Kent thanks for the kind words about the bit of locomotive shed. It’s very much a “model only what you can see” structure. As you can see from these shots, the unseen sides are plain.
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