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  1. A short blog post that may give some insight into planning and developing the concept for this micro layout. https://ogaugemicrolayout.blogspot.com/2020/06/a-place-called-nogg.html
  2. Nogg. It’s there. On the maps. Just north of the old Cromford and High Peak line to Hoptonwood quarries, famed for its high quality limestone for gravestones and memorials. Nogg. I couldn’t pass on that name. Nogg mine was an old lead mine. There are pictures of the windswept locale on the aditnow website. So I decided to create a scheme for a small branch off the Hoptonwood branch (a twig if you will) to meander up to the bleak hillside where there would be a small quarry. My plan, based on one of my doodles. Originally was going to be in 4mm scale. Then I thought about working in 7mm, as its something I’ve always wanted to do. In 4mm scale its about 20” square, and depicts a wagon turntable in front of a small crusher/processing building of some sort. I sketched out the plan in 4mm scale and it works, so with the appropriate enlargement it should work in 7mm. Though the exact size is unknown as yet. I also had a play with stock to see how things shaped up. The small size was one of the things that made me think about expanding up to O. I really do believe it could work. More details to follow Ian
  3. I like the sound of that idea. Thanks Ian
  4. Good to know. I’ll take a look. Thanks Keith ian
  5. Agreed. But as my chosen subject is an industrial quarry railway, I figured I could probably get away with it. ian
  6. Anyrail, also does not seem to be available for Mac. Doodles coming soon, that might help explain what I’m after too. ian
  7. Templot is not available for Mac ian
  8. Because a plan for a small radius Y point is not available. There doesn’t even seem to be plans for the new “unifrog “ setback points out there. ian
  9. I've started doing some doodling for an O scale Micro layout. In trying to get a feel for the track size and layout. I photocopied and enlarged some PECO OO scale pointwork. My question is. I enlarged a PECO code 75 small "Y" point up to O scale. Would short 4 wheel locomotives like Pecketts and Sentinels run through this OK? I think the radius would scale up to 42" Ian
  10. Just found a pair of P4 track company kits and about 5 yards of P4 flex track bases and rai. What layout was I going to build with them?

    1. Compound2632


      P$ is about right!

    2. mogtrains




  11. The Micro Model Railroad Cartel podcast is back, with lots of enthusiasm and tips for you Micro Layout builders. This is the first podcast in 8 years. https://mmrrc.blogspot.com
  12. If I might be permitted to expand on the previous post concerning "operating potential" with a view of my current layout. The scenic section of the model is 3' 6" long. The rest of the passing loop is hidden on the sector plate. But the station only has the one siding much like your plan. There are perhaps 5 spots for wagons on that siding, (at the moment I only use 4). But to correctly assemble a train offstage, bring into the station and switch out the wagons already in the siding takes a great deal of thought and planning. Woe betide you that you get a wagon out of place, then you really have to think hard to get everything to work out. It's very challenging and a lot of fun.
  13. Good concept. However there are a couple of points (excuse the pun) that need addressing. 1. Is your headhunt long enough to take your locomotives? 2. Are you going to be able to access the kickback siding? The distance between the toe of the point and the buffer stops at the end of the headshunt needs to be the length of your loco + a wagon. If you're using the very shortest 0-4-0 loco's you might be OK on these issues. Otherwise you'll probably have problems As you access that siding you'll find your loco and wagon switching left and right very rapidly in a short distance. This is a great recipe for the couplers pulling the stock off the track. I do like your idea and with the right buildings and stock it could be a model of great character. Ian
  14. The loop onstage will take Three wagons and the brake van. Which really is enough as that’s all the sidings can handle. I feel the layout needs to be about six inches longer if I lengthen the platform to take the two car DMU. It’s all a question of space and balance.
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