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  1. Just read through this wonderful thread. We were due to stop 3 nights in Lauterbrunnen as part of our 2 week european road trip. Sadly postponed until next year. We made it to see the Rhatische Bahn in Samedan/Celerina/Filisur 2 years ago, and Mrs Wollastonblue saw Jamie Redknapp/Freddie Flintoff on the Jungfraubahn, and said she wanted to go back there. The decision was whether to take in the Brienz Rothorn Bahn or Murren up the Schilthorn for the 007 experience.
  2. Just a quick question, I have tried to get in touch with Osborn Models, but can't seem to get hold of them. Does anyone know the dimensions of this kit: https://www.osbornsmodels.com/arch-laser-aloo070-woodmans-cottage-kit-oo-gauge-43469-p.asp Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, it's been a long time. Since the initial start of layout other things have been prioritised, a little miss Wollastonblue has arrived, as did moving to a new home. But since the start of the corona crisis, I was furloughed 3 weeks, and in between playing with the 1 year old, while little Mr Wollastonblue does his school work, I have rather ploughed on with the layout. I have completed the wiring, ballasted, built the buildings, and started adding the relief and scenery. Just a few photos of the progress so far:
  4. Thank you for all your help. The residue issue has now been resolved, and I am quite pleased with the results of my ballasting. How would you cover the brass strip that is powering my two point motors?
  5. I have just ballasted my 009 layout. I have a couple of issues I need help on please. i) My PVA (Flangeways Modellers Milk - Which is already mixed to the right consistency) has left a residue (see photo 1). How do i clean that up? ii) One of my Seep Point Motors has had the pin fall out; How do I secure it back in it's hole safely? iii) How would you cover these?
  6. I'm planning our nect family roadtrip round Europe, and would like to take in the Harz Mountain Railway. We are travelling up from Lauterbrunnen, I was looking at a night stop in the region, spending the day on the railway, and then drive up to Hamburg. Is this do able, and does anyone have any recommendations for towns or hotels with family rooms to stay?
  7. I'm STILL in the throws of building something similar, I went with Tomix track to fit 3 APA boxes, although you have more width, I went for two helix tunnels at end, the locos can take 140mm radius curves but not the points. I went with the Stugl Stuhls Building from Faller for the station. I look forward to seeing this develop.
  8. I have a silly things of falling love with certain models produced and in some circumstances have changed layouts to suit the models. However while my Swiss layout is progressing slowly, little Wollastonblue wants a 009 Skarloey, and while looking around Footplate in Kidderminster I fell in love with the Bachmann Baldwin Peggy, and she's a stunner. So I duly purchased her along with a couple of Peco wagons and some 009 track. While perusing the 009 society website I discovered the wonderful layout "First" by Steve Clulow, and with some plagiarism I came up with the following to be stored in a 70ltr Really Useful Box. The main railway buildings are from Wills, and I have recently purchased a Pub kit from the Petite Model Building Company to attempt. Wiring is coming along really slowly, but with full point motors fitted, I just need to sort the signal out now, as I purchased one from Warley. Progress so far: Little Wollastonblue running Peggy in: The Baseboard and some of the track laid: Completed with track laid apart from the line to the fiddle stick: Little Wollastonblue helping me complete a Wills Wayside Station kit: The Storage box: I have drilled the hole for the Dapol Signal, but have found that the motor housing is deeper than the baseboard, can they be trimmed? Work on this layout is progressing quicker than my Swiss layout as I can work on this one without setting everything up. That's all for now. More will be posted as Little Wollastonblue and I crack on with it.
  9. Just a quick question before I hurl myself into the realms of 009 modelling. I am looking at building a small rake (2) of Dundas freelance panelled coaches. After much searching I'm a little confused about the couplings to use. Dundas say bemo, but can I use peco couplings as they are cheaper and easier to get hold of?
  10. Thank you for sharing this. Makes me want to go back and spend longer in the area.
  11. The LGB layout was part of a display by them in the engine house at Samedan. There was a set for Little Wollastonblue to have a go with, other children were running them at high speed, but my little man said it was too fast, and started to shunt the siding.
  12. That was our train back to Celerina, I had to sit in it, rather than the old one. Mrs Wollastonblue has said she would like to go back and tour Switzerland a bit further (even thought about doing it by train)!
  13. We had fantastic time in Switzerland on our European road trip to Italy. Celerina was gorgeous, as was the drive over the Albula Pass and then the Bernina Pass. We stopped so Daddy could take photos of the Landwasser Viaduct, and then spent a wonderful day at Samedan celebrating the Railway Festival. Some Photos:
  14. Finally off to Switzerland in a fortnight, and low and behold the RhB are having a Railway Festival while we are there!!!!!

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      Do have a nice time!A lovely country.

  15. I knew they'd do this livery. I was waiting for the Green version which Noch were doing, but I couldn't resist this one.
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