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  1. Thank you all so very much for the information. My apologies for the late response.
  2. Goodevening. I have recently found a link to a triple grey class 08 at Edinburgh station. I’m trying to find some more info on this 08 including what the number is. I found out that it was roughly late 80s to early 90s https://www.rcts.org.uk/features/archive/search.htm?class=08&srch= Thanks mick
  3. I’m n the process of taking some Bachmann mk2 aircons and reworking them as a set of Scotrail push pull rake. I’m after some info maybe pictures of the interiors . I have searched the web without any success. I would of thought that they would of been blue in 2nd and maybe orange like the mk3s but and info would be greatful. Thanks in advance
  4. As previously mentioned they were used on the diverts when Ipswich tunnel was closed. I have a pic somewhere and will try and dig it out.
  5. Maybe you would consider doing the two that were based at Inverness. They were the ones with highland stags.
  6. Can any one who has used lazerglaze on a Hornby mk 3 tso tell me if the the small toilet windows are included in the kit? Or do I need to keep them back. Thanks in advance. Mick
  7. Can anyone point in the direction of a supplier of round buffers for a Bachmann class 37. I need to swap them out from oval to round. I believe they are 3.77mm wide. I would prefer metal ones if possible. Thanks in advance Mick
  8. hi alex / got my email last night and its all paid for. thanks for your assistance.
  9. Afternoon. Can someone please confirm that the orders are being processed in order that were received. I ask because a friend has already received his and he ordered his before me. I did receive both emails regarding the new data protection. Thanks in advance Mick
  10. I must congratulate railtech again. With in three days of requesting some decals of a specific type Steve had them done for me. Top marks yet again.
  11. Loved seeing the layout on Friday. It was great to see it in its reincarnated design. I must also say thanks for the wee chat with you to.
  12. I must congratulate the organisers for another cracking show, ,loved Aberdeen Kirkwall and even managed a bargain from rails. Managed to get a Waverley for a friend and one for myself. Just one obersvation and in no way an criticism was that model rail magazine were absent. But I’m guessing it’s a long way to come for them all. Already looking forward to next year.
  13. Thanks Archie. I’m looking forward to the show.
  14. I am looking. Forward toa going but curious. How busy is Friday? Thanks
  15. I too is looking forward to Glasgow.
  16. I would like to agree with all the previous regrading the show. I really enjoyed it and it was certainly worth the trip from Suffolk so my thanks go out to everyone involved. Thank you. The only downside for me was one particular trader and there attitude towards my friend and me which was disgusting but is is not the place or time to air my grievance, I will speak to them direct.
  17. The new ones" I have managed to get one replacement set but I've still got another four to strip.
  18. Still no joy with the removal of the glazing and on closer inspection it looks like they have used a Mek peak type glue.
  19. thanks tractor I will try that on the next one.
  20. I got some of the centre headcode ones to respray into large logo but the glazing has been stuck in with some super sticky glue so I'm putting mine into the freezer to see if that helps.
  21. I have just received my latest Bachman catalogue and noticed a significant difference with this loco. In the old book it was listed as 37041 split headcode and no skirts or valance. It been released with skirts and a valance which does not help when I pre- ordered them without. Especially when I wanted to do some large logo spilts. Just thought I would pass it on just in case some of you had not noticed especially if you had pre- ordered.
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