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  1. Just had my "order dispatched" e-mail, so shouldn't be long now... Luke
  2. 3. I don't think a liquid tanker would be heavy enough to need a double axle at the back (though I am happy to be convinced otherwise!) Luke
  3. I ordered mine 30th July 20, so no doubt I'll have a loooong wait. I requested the sound up-grade on 5th June 21 which I believe was the day of announcement... Luke
  4. I don't remember. My first purchase was several years ago and I think I would have ordered something in stock so they would have had my payment details. I think I've done payment via PayPal recently so they wouldn't have access to recent payment info... Luke
  5. I have had an account from the very start. Why wouldn't I? Without an account I can't pre-order items and then I miss out. I took your "long winded and not easy" to be a criticism of them and their website / process. Sorry if I misunderstood. Lukr
  6. I've never had anything less than a positive experience with Modellbahn Lippe. It's always been clear if something is in stock or not. And their customer service is great: at one point I was sent the wrong type of brass fencing. I pointed it out, they were very apologetic and 48hr later the correct one turned up without charge . In my opinion they have a better in-stock range, better customer service, quicker delivery and are better value than certain UK based retailers. Luke
  7. With postage that's more expensive than both the other two oprions! Gaugemaster offer free postage on orders over £25. Modellbahn Lippe postage woykc bd around €4 for this weight and will take off VAT for UK. Theoretical you'd have VAT recharged on UK arrival but HMG isn't charging that at the moment... Luke
  8. I have a pack on the desk in front of me Now available as Preiser 16328: Gaugemaster (but out of stock) https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/preiser-pr16328.html Modellbahnshop-lippe https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/Physiques/Voyagers/Preiser-16328/gb/modell_49186.html Not the price difference... Luke
  9. The difficult bit will be drawing Mao's portrait in the foam... L
  10. About that long ago I was also told a "A" was on it's way, via Heljan as far as I remember... Luke
  11. Well the colour is correct for cooked lobster... But it's probably bricks. Luke
  12. Richard at Road and Rails does 2 stay-alive's which just need careful soldering of the wires to the decoder. Sadly not yet set up as plug'n'play on this loco. Sill waiting for my sound fitted version Luke
  13. As requested... 1) Express Models (though out of stock as of 15/10/21) https://www.expressmodels.co.uk/catalogue/scenic-effects/emergency-blue-flashing-lamps-detail 2) Layouts4You https://www.layouts4u.net/oo-scale-lighting/oo-scale-illuminated-items/blocksignalling-police-ambulance-model-flashing-lights-blue-12v Luke
  14. But is there enough room for medium points? It looks like thete is but it would be worth checking, not just for the QJ's but other stock too. Luke
  15. Ordered as soon as I got the e-mail. Bet they arrive before my sound fitted 18000 does:) Luke
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