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  1. Hi Paul, This is the link to the RMweb announcement and info page. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/world-of-railways-virtual-exhibition From past experience the videos were available for the 2 days of the exhibition (but they may have been moved somewhere else and I can't find them!) Luke
  2. I look forward to your article and next weeks V-show! I'm slightly puzzled by you discussion of a driver. I understand how they are needed for domestic lighting but most of the lighting that Teamyakima and I have been talking about are the 12v strips with a wallwart power supply: just plug it in and it pumps out the 12v needed for the led lighting strip. My thought was that if we need less light we could just use less strips of led's. This sort of thing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lights-Dimmable-Bedroom-Cabinet-Included/dp/B0899C89VD/ref=pd_ybh_a_24?_encoding=UTF8&
  3. Being the "Luke" that Teamyakima is talking about I thought I should throw in a comment. The smog that Teamyakima is talking about overpowers any grey that occurs through distance. It is sickly yellow-green (basically unburnt hydrocarbons) that pervades everything. A confession, I haven't seen it in China but I did see / smell / taste something very similar behind the Iron Curtain in its final years. It can reduce visibility to just a few city blocks! Teamyakima and I have been talking about theatrical lighting films. A warm white led strip with a film, and slightly too little lighting should
  4. One other thought would be to turn the layout round so the industrial line is at the front of the layout. The buildings would need relocating but there would be no need of a circular saw... Luke
  5. That's what we here for! Luke (but no more research that we put into the rest of out models...)
  6. Yet when I called to pay for my 16XX i asked if I could use my Kernow credit and was told "no" as it is Model Rail. I suspect Kernow are just "hosting" and providing payment processing, with my contract being with Model rail. As they have indicated above Rapido UK are in the process of setting up a UK Spares and Warranty hub. In terms of your trainers I think it would be more similar to returning them to the Franchise or do I return them to the UK supplier? My experience of white goods nowadays would be "have a new one and well store the old one
  7. I think some pipework painted read and buffers lined out? Luke
  8. I suppose it has been driven into to me " Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions"! I can hear me first boss's word ringing in my ears! Wearing my engineering hat, I would always prefer that the person who has got the problem reports it back to me directly. Otherwise we end up with a Chinese's Whispers situation. When one evening Andy e-mails makes a suggestion I can try and report back in within a few hours. It cannot be more efficient for me to e-mail Bauer, who then tell you, who then passes it on to Bill when Andy is the UK rep. I don't want to leave
  9. I think more and more retailers just don't want to deal with problems with "disposable" items". They can send a returned item back to the manufacturer but that is paperwork and cost. Better to get the Manufacture to deal with the problem at source and take on the legal responsibility... Luke
  10. Then the website should have said so. Also, the booklet says "For any other queries about your 16XX, you can contact either Model Rail or Rapido trains Inc at" and gives the contact details. From what you have said the booklet incorrect, and the error should have been picked up by the Editorial team when the booklet was proof read... I was faced on a Friday afternoon with a "disfunctional" model. I looked for "technical support" on the Model Rail website there was none nor any indication that the Editorial team should be contacted for any technical issues. I
  11. Hi Chris, That was my first thought but the Contact page give e-mails for Subscriptions, Advertising and Editorial, and a Contact Form for questions about orders. There wasn't a option for technical problems / trouble shooting. So far there have been 13 e-mail where I have been involved and at least 4 more that I know of including a couple to the factory in China. Something is clearly up in at least a few cases and Andy and I are trying to work out what, why and how often. I was just trying to see what the pattern is. I'm
  12. Hi Guys, If anyone is still / now having problems with the performance of their 16XX can you drop me a note letting me know what DCC system you're using? I'm still in communication with Rapido and I want to check something. Thanks, Luke
  13. My last lot of wheels were ordered in Aug 20 and delivered in Feb 21. Brilliant product but need to order in advance! Luke
  14. I believe the correct model railway term is "Furka Oberalp"... Luke
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