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  1. Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. Watched it a couple of days ago, fantastic viewing.
  3. I remember all these. There was another shop at Mill Hill, North London but i can't remember the name. Also Jennings of Enfield has now gone, I could always find hard to come by bits there even if they were RRP+
  4. So whens the next date that the world is gonna end?

  5. Are Hornby going to do a model of that one then ?
  6. I remember the W&H shop. visited when i was a lot younger in the 60s. Also visited Beaties at Southgate on a regular basis then as well. Used to cycle from my home in Edmonton. Happy days. P.S also a shop in Lordship Lane, Tottenham, Dimmocks i think it was called. Sold my first train set there for 30 shillings, i was robbed.
  7. I used to visit this shop regularly in the early 80s, still got 'bits' in bags i never got round to using. Shame its gone.
  8. I think you'll find its the 21st that the world ends, wont pay my electric bill till after in case. Sorry, back on topic now. Haven't a clue.
  9. Perhaps they will send some more crimson brakes with them!!
  10. All the advice so far is correct. All i would add from personal experience is get some track down and running so that when you start to feel frustrated with progress at least you can run some trains, Keep at it and enjoy.
  11. Thanks, Signed copies available. Ha Ha Cheers, love your avatar.
  12. Was sent some pictures taken of our recent Exhibition ( Epping Railway Circle ) from the local Guardian paper. Thought i would post one of 'Slipe Lane' on here as i can't get this quality with my camera. OH i'm afraid the picture makes me look old as i'm only 21 really.
  13. Jamie. Thats very kind. Not sure where abouts in the country you live but 'Slipe Lane' will be at Watford Exhibition next May, Sheredes School in July and probably Enfield Whitewebs next September if you want to see/hear it in the flesh. Regards Peter..
  14. Hi, If you google it they have their own web site....Peter
  15. Fantastic, seen this layout numerous times and for me its the best ever (I don;t want to start a debate )
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