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  1. Hal Nail

    Dock Green

    Thread has already started - see 28 October above. Plans are up and there seems to be no shortage of advice at present!!!
  2. Underframe now painted and weathered and happy it looks much better than as supplied. I've had a second thoughts on the doorstops and orderd some etched ones from CPL. If a job's worth doing....
  3. In fairness, that is probably what they were aiming for. I can forgive things like the ladders which you would need some knowledge to notice. Key features being out of proportion is a little harder to justify though.
  4. Like an A44 Collett conversion, for example?! To be fair, a BR (W) thing.
  5. In those photos looks like the apex of the curve is somewhere near the draw hook. The model is a lot higher. There was masses of discussion some time back to try and get it right and the model was improved. Will have to get the files out on that bit!
  6. Agree those do look like the three bridges at the East end of Twyford. Ian
  7. On my 7mm peak I used Precision post 1954 BR Green which is nearly perfect but that, of course, assumes Heljan always use the same colour. The area between the two side grills and under the long one has been repainted. Getting the same finish is as critical as the shade.
  8. Hi Giles, Did you source new Bedford transfers from somewhere for that TK tipper or just mask before repainting? Chatting to the lads on The Yard the other day about this since I've put off repainting mine but they haven't done theirs yet either. Edit: Just realised that one's not been repainted (I'd forgotten they brought out a red and cream version after the pale blue) but do you know of transfers anyway? Ian
  9. Often the case: typically most 7mm threads dry up once the product is released. Our 4mm friends usually run up pages complaining though
  10. Thanks. I suspected that was the case as the 64xx doesn't have them either. Warren Shephard sells them (as I'm sure do others) and I prefer his vacuum and steam pipes so will swap them as well. Easier for BR modellers to correct as you can repaint the whole buffer beam if necessary.
  11. Agree with that: I've tried loads. I tend to put something inside the Slaters ones to try and prevent them gatting snagged and stretched out of shape - plus you can then "shape" the spring hose
  12. Bit of a long shot but I need 1 pair of the longer Dapol square shank buffers if anyone has any. Ta
  13. Tower website says the 50s are at sea and due to dock on 17th Dec, which is extremely tight to clear customs and deliver pre xmas.
  14. That's rather nice! What is it pivoting on? If painted then I wonder would bare metal create/(cause?) slightly less friction?
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