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  1. Someone got lucky tonight with a 7mm malcolm Mitchell prairie kit for £102. I tried to bid £170 which I thought was ridiculously low but internet crashed and it wouldnt go through. Pretty cheesed off to put it mildly
  2. Logged on to tell you about the 37 which is still there this evening but you've already seen it! I went past it earlier today and am so used to seeing them on RMWeb these days, I forgot to get excited! Theres another Colas 66/8 with the hidden one now.
  3. I think its Harwich theres a little passenger ferry I went across from one side to the other once with my bike on the way aling the coast and I did feel a tad vulnerable looking up at the container ships!
  4. Useful. The Dapol windows are much higher up which explains why the Easy Build have always looked a bit "top heavy" to me though I couldnt quite put a finger on why before.
  5. There were differences - I dont profess to remember but it was once pointed out to me when I confused the two! Slightly different height of windows and the gap above them varied I think, so they do look different. 157s might be Hawksworth rather than Collett?
  6. Looks a little askew but I assume that's the sort of thing the paint samples are there to pick up. Running a black pen inside the glazing would have quite an impact I think.
  7. For me, the latest photos are actually more promising than we'd seen before. I'd want to see it in the flesh before buying though, wary of relying on photos on this one. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=656
  8. You always get one or two who buck conventional wisdom but presumably for the majority, by definition, it doesn't work!
  9. In this case Dapols are pretty good - no complaints with them. It's not about covering the original but the actual numbers on the earlier replacements I've had were far too small and really showed up. Looks they have been tweaked which is great as they are good plates at that price.
  10. I did this and have always thought it was a brilliant idea, right up until I moved house recently and needed a bigger lorry!
  11. Apologies if you've already tried but Invertains website still appears to have them?
  12. I hope the delay was to allow an enterprising RMWebber to slip a tracking device into the container otherwise, presumably, we will have to rely on speculation from docking onwards?
  13. That's interesting - I've always found their smoke box plates a bit small in the past but looks like these are the same size as Dapols original?
  14. in similar vein*, a friend said to me yesterday "FFS! You know damn well everyone is thick, so why are you still surprised by their behavior?!" *slightly less eloquent
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