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  1. In one of the Keith Pirt volumes there is a 9 compartment all third shown at Looe as a branch strengthener. Exactly the same body style with the recessed handles of the Airfix brake composite and on the same 7 foot bogies. I thought it was a C61 but again little info in the various books but there is a drawing online.
  2. Ah yes, makes sense. That's why i've not tried it with the brake composite but they make a 7mm brake third as well with evenly spaced compartments and ribs on the roof. Trouble is i'd have to buy a 4 coach set and dispose of the 2 middle coaches which is a risky outlay. I think its the C61 I was planning as well which is 60 foot over the corners.
  3. I've been toying with the same in 7mm from the Dapol brake 3rds from the 4 coach set. Not sure if i've understood above correctly - are you saying there is a reason this probably isn't to scale? I was under the impression the compartments are the same size so it ought to work in theory.... My B set is crimson one side and maroon the other. Makes total sense but I still feel slightly guilty about doing that!
  4. Generally i find if you dunk a home finish in IPA it comes off back to the base finish almost immediately which helps keep the detail crisp. If you take the body section off the footplate you could probably do so without touching the wasp stripes.
  5. Wonder if it was because they were wood rather than steel?
  6. Careful! An N is an L or P with a section missing, not an A26. The A26 has 3 different window sizes, 2 or 3 different sized gaps between and no two clusters of windows are alike. What I would call a hotchpotch - albeit I have now realised the error of my ways! Incidentally I see you mention BR Crimson. Lewis refers to several and L, Ns and Ps in BR maroon but I think he is referring to crimson. Am I right in presuming anything withdrawn even in late1957 or early '58 would be highly unlikely to have been repainted in its final year or so?
  7. By definition, those of us discussing or reading about details here value accuracy. Therefore we think a more accurate model is better. A lifetime employee of Hornby chatting to their unemployed mates from Airfix and Mainline might conceivably have different values (edit- probably should have talked about shareholders realistically). Hornby's mission is to sell the highest volume. If cost effective detail helps then they will do it, if knocking out a passable model quicker than their rivals sells more, they will do that.
  8. This is, of course, precisely the reason that manufacturers have traditionally not engaged publically on forums or announced products in advance.
  9. Small fry compared to the risk the Mrs finds out.
  10. I get a lot of inspiration from all the Ian Allen colour books of the steam diesel cross over period but I've realised if you see two photos on consecutive pages, your brain sort of assumes they overlap but as little as a 3 or 4 year gap, especially round then, can make quite a big difference. When I came to pinning down a late 50s date I found some common locos and liveries that I felt typified the period never actually overlapped. Obviously I do them anyway, just means hours of research was pointless!
  11. I forgot to say I made a guide from a piece of card with a slot for the hinge then two holes to mark where to line them up.
  12. Some very interesting modelling here and I must look into the silhouette cutter but what has really made my day is the Wilko place mat. Either that or I've done well to find a convincing replica
  13. For the CPL door bumpers I didnt fancy drilling through my coach so seated the etches in a drop of susperglue applied with pin, then used plastic rod the bumpers which I trimmed later. They can make a massive improvement but you do have to take care to try and cut them off the fret evenly and line them all up well or they stand out - quite tricky to be honest.
  14. By 1970 the ratio was 0 to 100 +/- the Flying Scotsman. I was born in 1969 so missed steam but did do Hendrix and the moon thing, technically
  15. I know this is just normal competition but interesting how one person comes up with a great idea and before you know it several are selling the same stuff.
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