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  1. I remember Zico - just not where liverpool came into it!
  2. I disagree! The network is behind you and wenford bridge ahead!
  3. Parkside are very simple to anyone used to building plastic kits although taking time to file down the fairly robust brake equipment pays dividends in the final result.
  4. Hal Nail

    Dapol 08

    Heljan tend to do one window open and it means everyone's loco looks the same. At least with Dapols approach you can choose which one to modify, if you want, and have some variety.
  5. Not always. May vary by manufacturer but with the Dapol Mk1 coaches for example, they decided to retool but in the meantime tested liveries on the original. Having said that I'll be amazed if this changes.
  6. Isn't collusion illegal?
  7. So are they only doing the GWR design? I thought B numbers indicated a BR build but that just looks like the GWR one in BR livery unless I'm mistaken? Not that livery samples necessarily mean anything as they are purely to test colours.
  8. I think that's what's known as self-policing!
  9. Hi, To put my comments in perspective I cant come close to your standards but for me the angle you are looking at that loco is only 2 or 3 stories up. You wouldnt see anything except the upper parts of buildings immediately behind that wall, or if somewhere like Bath, the top of very high ground in the distance but you'd then be looking slightly up at any visible buildings that far away To look down on buildings in the far distance like that, you would have to be on a substantial hill yourself in which case youd be looking down much more on the loco I think.
  10. Just thought i'd remind everyone the simple premise behind what is rapidly approaching Tinsley!
  11. Took over a week to get my 14xx one last month and I couldnt find them on sale anywhere either! An artist shouldn't be put through this!
  12. You can just hide one! It's under 'options'.
  13. I think a nicely done grubby wall with a fire escape type door, below the diagram, would actually work fine and the imagination would fill in the rest.
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