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  1. Update, A new PC and ISP is in progress guy`s, hopefully not long now !. Kindest Ian
  2. Boys, boys !!!!!!!!!!, The missing information here is that the bogie and trailing axles are 5/32", and driving axles 3/16". Kindest Mr PC frustrated.
  3. Gentlemen, Again thank you for your kind words. Yes, frustration does play a big part in all this, but my on going computer problems affects many area`s outside that of model railways too. So, if you can bare with me for a short while, I hope to be opperable again in a couple of weeks. I am posting this message via a friends PC. Access generally at weekends ish! only. Speak to you all soon. Kindest Ian
  4. Gentlemen,The ongoing computer problems appear to be getting worse and to be quite honest, I`ve given up hope and lost interest, so this is my last post. I would just like to say thankyou to one and all for the kind remarks over the work shown on the threads and good luck with your railway modelling.Kind regardsIan
  5. That should read `no disrespect`, but I could`nt get the Edit button to work.
  6. Hello Simon, The Brasso remark was tongue in cheek. I have been in the plumbing/building industry for thirty years and know how to solder and agree with you about commercial fluxes for modellers, which is why I use Fry`s Powerflux for plumbing as I know it works well for me. I clean up after every session and you can see that my J71 or K1 thread is no comparison to Christians `shininess`. I admire his cleanliness and build quality as there is not a file mark or scratch in sight. The metal is very bright. I have built kits where the brass is very shiny and stays that way almost to completion, but a little subdued. I think it is Harrier Mate (Adrian) that also built a Finney A3 and if you compare his photo`s of the kit to Christians, then you can see what I`m on about, do disrespect to the other builder. Without doubt it beggars belief, the cleanliness !. Great work. Kindest Ian
  7. <br /><br /><br /> Hi Richard, Tony Reynalds told me years ago that he just allows his axleboxes to rest at the top of their guides and just allows downward movement. Looks like his principles still stand true to this day. He`s even used fixed axles too !. SHOCK !!!!!! Kindest Ian
  8. Well, I`m left wondering if the problem of me putting photo`s on here, is at my end or work being carried out by/on the server. This page to me has my name top left, but profile list on the right. I am unable to see an `add attachment` button, but yet I have `two` browse buttons. The reason I am asking this is because some of you are still able to do this, and whilst I know Andy Y mentioned he could not understand why some folk see things differently to others, my concern is that I removed some files from here (my PC) last night, namely my son`s Sims packs and extensions. My PC is also working slightly differently, Google home page is different and I cannot see maps although I can call them up. Has removing The Simms removed something else all together ?. I see the forum is working of some kind this evening but also this typeface is different too.Emoticons are all over the shop as well. So until summat works be it me or RM, then it looks like its seeya for now. Me and technology don`t mix, although if this was steam powered................ Kindest Ian
  9. Hello Christian, You are making a fine job there. I think it will look superb when finished. Just as a matter of interest, how are you managing to keep it so clean during the build ?. It`s almost as if you are wearing rubber gloves, but I suspect you are using some form of cleaning agent before taking the photographs as the nickel is so shiny. It all helps with the clarity of view. I am a fairly clean worker myself I would say, but these photo`s of yours suggest you have been using Brasso before their portraits have been taken. Keep up the good work. Next steam engine ?????. Kindest Ian
  10. Here`s the last few photo`s of the trackwork as all the chairs have been used up now. Not a bad thing as I can concentrate on the loco`s and that signalbox. Oh dear, can`t add photo`s. your guess is as good as mine. Ian
  11. Hi JB, Yes we are making some progress now, but I`m surprised anyone is able to keep up with anything on here at present. More off than on ! Its a 52xx by the way. Ian
  12. I agree, You would have to become a driver on the real railway first to gain the `route knowledge` before attempting to drive a steamer on the mainline. No shortcuts I`m afraid. Ask `Welsh Wizard` of this parish. Kindest Ian
  13. Well as we all now know, the battery on the server gives up just before 18.00 or there abouts. So with this in mind, we need to post early in the day. The crossing `Vee` is now in place. I use a piece of wood to align the rails up as I go along. The first crossing rail completed. Oooo !, it gets complicated from here on. Well I`m down to my last fifty chairs now so when I finally run out, I am not rushing out to buy more, I will pick some up at a forthcoming show, ie, Doncaster or somewhere. So what`s next ?, well this I suppose. I will start a separate thread for the signalbox as its an item in its own right. Kindest Ian
  14. Hi Mike, Don`t despair, one mans idea of weathering is different to another's. He may of wanted it a little more subtle or even dirtier, he should of been more specific. Being no expert, my only comments would be thus, ............in some photo`s it looks spot on, in one or two others, it looks like you may of just wiped over it with a dirty cloth. Its the lighting, the camera and everything. You just can`t really see on here. Did you make clearances on the windows for where the wipers had travelled ?. Sometimes dirt builds up from the bottom of an edge like silt in a domestic radiator, ie, humped. Every flippin engine is different my friend !. Keep up the good work. Kindest Ian
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