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  1. Christian, Long time no speak. I assumed that you would have finished yours long ago. I recall you had already progressed to the tender when i was last here!
  2. That makes me feel much better! Will post pictures as work recommences!
  3. Didnt quite finish it yet! So busy with other projects, house move, job move etc. As Christmas nears, looking forward to some valuable leave and to get cracking on completing Knight of Thistle - especially as it is sat on bookshelf begging to be polished. Just hope all the bits and bobs are still in the box. It has been moved so many times. Could become a record for longest time to finish one of Martin Finneys excellent kits??
  4. Hi Christian, Been too busy to progress Knight of Thistle recently but have to say that your work on the streamlined tender is superb. Knight of Thistle as we discussed much earlier in the year will also be in its final livery of BR green (heavily weathered most likely) with the GNR coal rail tender - which I will start during the Xmas holidays! Keep up the beautiful work. Look forward to seeing it finished.
  5. Christian, How flimsy are the smoke deflectors when attached? I haven't built mine yet but was toying with idea of using nickel silver instead of the supplied etch brass frames for added strength lest they get "knocked" from time to time (or a discrete fillet of solder in the right angled joints in the frame). Also finished my smokebox door last weekend. Couldn't find the centre handles for ages having assumed it was a brass casting and so made my own - only to read the digram later and note the prefix N rather than B on the diagram. Sure enough it was patiently sat on its nickel si
  6. OK. Finished. I won!!!!! What do you mean that you don't believe me and want to see proof. I've even painted and weathered it! I think we all know that the chances of me actually finishing Knight of Thistle before the Spanish Grand Prix is impossible but I will keep at it. Wife's birthday this weekend so progress might be even slower than usual!!
  7. Dikitriki, I think I am persuaded by the DJH argument and have ordered the first reference book from Amazon already to build a Brit next. Having spent £9.99 on the book, I cannot see why my wife does not understand that it would be non-sensical to buy the model, wheels and motor to accompany the reference material. Maybe a candle lit meal in McDonalds or Pizza Hut will soften her attitude! Or maybe I should concentrate on one build at a time? Nigel
  8. Christian, Excellent work. It appears, however, that you are falling into the same trap as me. the closer you get to the end, the slower progress becomes!!!! I only say this because I have spent almost as much time on the lubricators, sanding boxes and cab/footplate attachment as i did on building the entire valve gear. To prevent me stagnating, I have opened the tender kit, if only to persuade myself that I need to progress. I reckon that my build will be one of the longest in RM Web history. Indeed, I expect at this rate that current subscribers' children will be commenting on the
  9. Hi all, Finally got round to soldering the cab to the boiler, which took longer than expected (should know better by now!) to ensure that all was absolutely square (used wife's marble work top to verify all square). Cartezi trailing axle boxes next to finish chassis then copper pipework around forward areas of the boiler. Copies of any close up photos of real A3 forward boiler, depicting the copper pipework would be much appreciated. Failing that, I will simply copy DIKITRIKI's excellent example on his model. I can now see the bottom of the kit box and there don't seem to be many bits
  10. OzzyO Thanks for the tip. I managed to get the dome off by judicious use of the microflme torch but will remember the boiling water suggestion. Never thought of that. Nigel
  11. Hi All, Fixed it!!! Just needs a little cleaning up with the fibre glass pencil and will be a s good as new! Christian, Glad to see I'm not the only one who chases parts round the kitchen floor. I sometimes cut pieces off the fret over a washing up bowl and they never depart stage left - until the next time I forget and cut them whilst standing in the centre of the room and hear the distant metallic sound of them hitting the floor....somewhere. Already thinking of next loco kit - although still to build the tender. I have always wanted to build a Britannia as my all time favouri
  12. Hi All, I knew it was all going too smoothly! I managed to solder the dome on without any problem and then spent considerable time cleaning up the work. Having finished, I placed the boiler on the chassis to admire my work only to realise that the dome seemed to be sloping forward slightly! I hadn't noticed that the casting is deliberately angled to take account of the fact that the dome sits half on the tapered section of boiler and part on the horizontal section. So there were 2 ways it could be attached - the right way and the wrong way and I managed to fit it the wrong way, having
  13. Beginners luck with white metal soldering continues (pride before a fall?!). The chimney is attached. Dome next and finally the smokebox door!
  14. Having soldered the brass forward relief valve (I think that's what it is?) and its support plate behind the chimney, I took the plunge and experimented with white metal soldering the large casting to the smokebox et voila - it didn't melt!!!! Only one more to do on the other side and then the double chimney itself (also white metal).
  15. Usual slow progress this evening adding the hand rail knobs and the ejector pipe. Having made the right angle bend for the forward joint in the ejector pipe, I drilled out a nut to complete the bracket scale look. However, it looked so oversize that I removed it again and replaced it with a piece of brass strip wrapped around the pipe. Looks much more scale. PS. Anyone interested in this thread should view SPEARMINT by Christian. He has got this far in only a few months!
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