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  1. jonas

    Farish N - 50 years

    A bit more recent, but the model that finally turned my idle curiosity into am serious interest N gauge was the retooled 37. Once I’d seen one of those in the flesh I realised I’d found my scale. There’s something satisfying about holding a finescale replica on the palm of your hand! Such a key item for British diesel modellers whatever era or location you are modelling and streets ahead of the old. We’ve really been spoilt since.
  2. They posted a picture of the green livery sample on Instagram earlier today. So fingers crossed for the rest!
  3. City of Hereford - one I’ve wanted to tackle in N gauge! Your faded red is spot on - as always, inspirational work James.
  4. You have a real flair for capturing the mundane James - proper modelling!
  5. Jo, these look stunning - congratulations on putting together what looks to be a quality catalogue of useful transfers! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
  6. Those British steel hoppers look the business! Great work from you as always.
  7. Steve, your workbench is always an inspirational thread and those etches look sublime! I can’t help but notice something big and blue behind the 1:43 scale cars though... Thank you for the noses!l Steve
  8. For the first time I think?
  9. jonas

    Farish refurb Class 31

    Let’s put it down to wishful thinking!
  10. New run of Dapol dogfish wagons announced, including retool for NEM pockets; http://www.Dapol.co.uk/Catalogue/78/index.html Hurrah!
  11. jonas

    Farish refurb Class 31

    I think I’m going mad, but wasn’t a Dutch lovely version announced at first? I’ve preordered the railfreight version instead now but I’m sure Dutch was in the original line up!
  12. my apologies - saw Dapol and read N gauge. No idea about the 00 version, I’m sorry!
  13. Both Dapol and C-rail fitted fine on mine (but I moved them on a whole back now).
  14. A really crisp, neat job - well worth the effort!
  15. Ah, it makes sense now - as the bodies are identical (apart from cantrail grills) both of these models will represent Romanian batch with replacement BREL cabs at one end...right?!
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