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  1. I would argue Dapol’s quality has some way to go to best Farish; but each to their own.
  2. I junked the cabs. But with some filing you can refit them, as @yaxxbarlhas shown above. Happy lowering!
  3. You’ve captured the era perfectly, I love this layout!
  4. Such a great layout. The consistency in colour and high standard of modelling across the whole scene really make it a stand out in n gauge.
  5. A quick snap from today’s arrival...
  6. jonas

    N gauge Class 50

    That is a problem unless you have been stockpiling mark 1s and 2s since they were released!
  7. jonas

    N gauge Class 50

    Running is superb, NEXT18 DCC ready with separately controllable head, tail and cab lights. if you only run DCC you can still isolate tail lights using switches on the PCB - this and the DCC socket are accessible through a removable hatch on the roof. There are some errors in the shape, but you can’t fault the running.
  8. 3-305, by the looks of this: http://www.2mm.org.uk/products/drop-in-wheels.html
  9. Phenomenal. That is really, really impressive!
  10. Has anyone raised this on the Dapol Digest forum yet?
  11. Cracking layout! Glad I’ve stumbled across this one, being down the road in Herefordshire. Great era of interesting traffic along the marches!
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