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  1. Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and converted my first loco - thanks to association drop in wheelsets, an absolute doddle! Awaiting for my easitrac delivery (including a pegged turnout kit) and one of sample packs 16 tonners to have a bash at next!
  2. jonas


    That’s a cracker!
  3. Thanks for the mention of my class 37 lowering mod. Delighted I could help (in a small way!) with such a spectacular layout!
  4. They scrub up quite nicely!
  5. Mine arrived today thanks to @Derails Models - it’s a cute little model!
  6. Not to mention the amount of Dapol locos on the second hand market with burnt out lighting, the dodgy wiring , the loose DCC sockets etc etc... I’ve found Farish almost bomb proof in comparison!
  7. Thank you for sharing such inspirational modelling with us all. Have a happy Christmas!
  8. A strange one this for me. I had Railfreight grey on preorder and was genuinely excited to receive the model, only to be left feeling underwhelmed. I agree some of the front end detail is subtly moulded to the point of undernourishment - it doesn’t have the star quality of other newish Farish releases such as, say, the Class 40. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong - it certainly looks like a ped and runs beautifully.
  9. All are looking very smart, but the RES 47 especially. I’m a big fan of that livery!
  10. Just weighing in with a message of support to a new entrant to the UK N gauge market - It’s certainly a distinct prototype and I’m sure these models will prove to be much more successful than the original design was!
  11. Stunning photos as always. Really flying the flag for realistic n gauge! Any details on the locos you are working on, or will all be revealed? Do you plan any mods on the Farish 87 or are you generally happy as is?
  12. jonas

    Class 158 - New Tool

    Thanks for starting the thread Tom. I’m looking forward to this one - I wonder if they will have a pre fitted speaker somewhere. It’s be the first DMU if so I think?
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