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  1. It’s back! I had feared this layout had gone, after showing so much potential. Great to have you back - the scenic work is looking excellent!
  2. I think I spent a bit of time chatting to you with my Dad at the Ross-on-Wye show - this layout truly is superb and shows what can be done in 0 gauge even if you don’t have tons of space. It’s inspired me to have a go at my own small sized but highly detailed 0 gauge layout, so thanks!
  3. The Dapol dummy knuckles can get some pretty close coupling but indeed it all comes down to the tightness of curves. N gauge has come on so much but the couplings are still way behind! I’ve never had much luck with the Dapol magnetic ones.
  4. Found some time to get mine out of their boxes and give them some sympathetic weathering recently. Really lovely little models.
  5. If you want to upgrade to 6 pin compatibility then the new PCs won’t fit on the old solder pad chassis, so I don’t blame you for going for the easiest option!
  6. Crikey, I had forgotten all about this! I model pretty much exclusively in N now and my 50 fleet has moved on. So no, but thank you!
  7. Hey no problem! They were lowered by taking out the cab inners and filing down the tabs on the light boards, then cutting the tabs of the fuel / batter boxes and reattaching them. If you look through my blog I did a step by step with picture - I hope this helps!
  8. jonas

    N gauge Class 50

    I’m sure I saw on one of the Facebook groups that someone had coloured the back of the lenses with a yellow marker and toned down the lights. Don’t have the model myself so can’t check if that’s possible or not!
  9. Such a brilliant layout! Love the video, and the variety of stock. The 50 looks very nice.
  10. Just found this topic - it’s looking great. I have always thought Hereford would make a great model, especially in the 1980/90s when the yard was open and traffic from Bulmers, Pontrillas and MoD Moreton could be seen. You’ve really caught the essence of the modern scene in the area.
  11. Hi all, did any of the ex-plasmor OBA wagons receive Dutch or any other livery? Thanks in advance!
  12. I’ve yet to see it in the flesh but this is one of the most stunning n gauge layouts out there. Absolutely beautiful.
  13. jonas

    N gauge Class 50

    It had a grey roof in 2007 if that’s near enough... https://www.renownrepulse.com/gallery/other-class-50-s/preserved-class-50-s-on-main-line.html
  14. jonas

    class 33

    33008 Eastleigh is a welcome addition, looks really smart.
  15. For detail painting, I’ve always used Citadel (Games Workshop) acrylic metallics. They don’t have the ‘flake’ effect you mention and are generally regarded as pretty good. They brush on perfectly and are ideal for small bits on underframes, door handles and the like. For a metallic sheen personally I think you can’t beat ground pencil lead applied with a finger over a dark base coat - perfect for buffer heads etc! Ive some airbrushable aluminium from Vallejo to try on a mustang for that NMF effect you mention - I believe a lot of these type finished including Alclad depend on a high gloss black undercoat to be effective, but I’ve not got any first hand experience, yet.
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