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  1. You suggest Adam said they WOULD which means it is definite, but your quote uses the word COULD, that means its a maybe for a future run. So he has not said they are sadly, lets hope they can for another time
  2. When they did the NG-7 range it was on a green background as per Narrow Gauge boxes, this video has blue so will be Bachmann. If it was Farish it would be Black - that will mostl iekly be TINGs in September
  3. Worst case scenario is you find its not for you and sell the J94, should be able to at least break even on it
  4. This is my thoughts, surely the sensible option is for Accurascale to explore the rolling stock avenue. Mk2B and C would be welcome, Dapol have done the siphon so is there a market there. But possibly the HUO/HTV range, would MGR wagons prove popular if you can order en masse and get 30-40 wagons in one go as per the real trains. I have approx 20 Farish/Peco/Minitrix HAA's that I have bought over a few years but not exactly going mad to get them so I would happily get an Accurascale rake if I could complete it in one hit.
  5. Not sure if it influences matters but the Yellow 142's were mid 90's under regional railways. The 143's were around 5-10 years earlier. @The Black Hat can probably provide you with all the information you need
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old topic but I would definitely buy a full Intercity 91, Mk4 and DVT set and at least one other person in my club would buy a TFW set if done as well
  7. There is some videos of a running sample over on the N Gauge Forum done in late April so its still progressing
  8. Great news, looking forward to ordering these. Even if my wallet isnt
  9. Suppose its down to us modellers loving to run uniform rakes of matching stock, as they come in boxes of 4 generally it makes sense to offer this as they can be shipped in the original cardboard packaging
  10. If they have taken the trouble to research a BSO with BSO(T) possibility then they would br crazy not to tool up an N gauge version. It would literally be new sides as I presume the tooling is shared amongst the versions with different slides to represent the different types of Mk1. Question is will it be tomorrow or in the future we see a BSO Mk1.
  11. I agree/hope for the 2nd part, but a quick look on google showed 2 shops with stock on page 1 of the Scotrail DBSO and none on ebay so its not easy I would say
  12. Problem is if they did another run (which I wouldn't be against) would we then see an issue where people ask "will you do a run of 47/7 and DBSO off Farish?". As far as I can see none of the train is available
  13. Is there any plans to diverge the email listing so it includes other gauges? I have shopped with you a few times but as an N gauge modeller I cannot recall a single item in N gauge on there.
  14. I have 2 on ordered from Kernow, just waiting on one of them to arrive in stock so my order can be shipped, am syre others will join the "never enough" as funds permit 😁
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