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  1. Dartmoor branch has 7 Up trains and 7 down trains stored on the yard behind the scene, plus two separate sidings for the auto train and steam rail motor. The mainline that runs through Dartmoor and the reception area has a separate storage yard with 3 trains in each direction. All of these are rarely changed and usually only when maintenance dictates. I’m not sure about the Vale scene but it is not at full capacity yet.
  2. Don’t overdo it, you’ll have nothing to do later in the afternoon
  3. I thought you would have been fattening up your own. Merry Christmas to the Bonwick household
  4. I am reliably informed that a laser cutter is what you need.
  5. What stops any modeller detailing card buildings in the same was as those built in any other medium? Well made, detailed and weathered card buildings, kits or scratch builds can stand comparison with anything made of plastic, resin or any other material you can think of and be just as robust. Madder Valley would still not exist if this were not so and I would challenge anyone to produce buildings to Pendon standards in any other material.
  6. Andover Model Railway Club have announced that David Hyde passed away on Sunday after a lengthy battle with Cancer of the liver. David was a true gentleman and an authority on most things Great Western, particulary goods wagons for which he co-authored the title "A History of GWR Goods Wagons". He was also a splendid modeller and a great supporter of Pendon Museum, Steam Museum and the Great Western Study Group. Always willing to help anyone who asked for assistance and share his vast knowledge of the GWR, he will be sadly missed by those who knew him.
  7. Today, I've been mostly fitting DG couplings to a Hornby 61xx and a Dapol 43xx.
  8. It’s doubtful that a small hut like that would have bargeboards anyway.
  9. Well, In all my years as a surveyor, I can't recall ever seeing bargeboards installed like that on any building. Looks like whoever built the kit for the illustration got it wrong then. As designed, does the slate roof overhang enough to extend beyond the bargeboards if they were to be installed in the correct postition?
  10. Neat job, not wishing to be picky but shouldn't the barge boards sit below the slates?
  11. That link doesn't work, do you mean gwr.org.uk ? GWR.org.uk was last updated in October and has had a number of updates this year. edit: just typed in the url and realised you did mean greatwestern.org.uk and yes I agree. Sorry don't know the current situation.
  12. Kevin, sensible choices. The photo you've added using a small piece of mdf(?) to help sharpen the corner of the window opening or any other right angled fold is a technique that I also use. Mick knows all this stuff of course unless he was asleep in the Pendon Workshops we've done together
  13. Looking forward to reading that Andy.
  14. Take a dozen Scalescenes modellers and you'll get a dozen different glue & paper recommendations. Those who get good results have usually experimented a bit with both glue and paper and found which works best for them. For instance, many will swear by glue sticks, I've tried many of the popular brands and have come to the conclusion that they are just not for me. Some print on self adhesive label paper, great but you only get one chance to postion it and it's expensive. I would use it for details like arches etc but not for large areas of wall. Personally I'm with Mick in the PVA and brus
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