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  1. It was tough enough a job in the late 80s trying to scribble down as many numbers as possible as we flew past on the push pull service
  2. lovely shed scenes you are creating, love seeing rows of grubby steam locos. That picture which is just rows of locos outside the shed is particularly effective.
  3. Anyone know if any of the dealers have their allocations yet? I'd like to buy a couple of door down versions in addition to my preorder.
  4. Great information Richard, I have bought sturgeons with doors so that's give me scope for carry track at least in principle. I might get some with the sides down anyway.
  5. just pondering what to do with my sturgeons as well Dave!! thinking a few panels of finetrax atop them though anyway.
  6. Theres an update on tbe Revolution news section including sample pictures. Looks like these are coming quickly.
  7. Yeah, you were right. My single sturgeon was paid in full whilst I only paid deposits on a rake of cemflos. Happy to wait, as you xmas a busy time.
  8. I can't even remember what I did, was there an option to just pre-order and one to pay in full? I haven't received any communication from Revolution regarding payment, nor have I received a model yet. I've actually just mailed them to see if I can maybe add another wagon to my order anyway so I'll see what comes of that.
  9. Not sure a) how well thie will come out b) if this is strictly a scottish region photo and c) how much interest there is the disorganised scribblings of a 13 year old!! Visit to Waverley 15/9/86 Plenty more pages in the books over a few years including trips to glasgow, invermess, carlisle and newcastle in the same era if theres any value. Countless visits to Millerhill, Craigentinny and Monktonhall jn as well.
  10. Grahame Last few pages are really showing the fruits of your labour, its starting to come together superb, some much well observed detail and superb execution as well.
  11. Great pictures of Millerhill again, and particularly Monktonhall junction. Always a buzz to see them. Again in line with what was said above I never saw a 56 in that mid-lates era. Although I'd gave up spotting about possibly 88-89 at a guess, due to being 15/16 years old and having erm other interests shall we say. However I did continue to be a member of Monktonhall golf club which is disected by the ECML and in fact Monktonhall junction effectively joins parallel with the 8th hole there so I very much did see but didn't note down the arrival of the 56s.
  12. Agree with Duncan on that one, so much more interest on layouts like yours, especially when you can see so much thought has been put into the buildings and infrastructure.
  13. Happy new year Steve, Lovely work on those Gresleys, looking superb even as they stand IMO
  14. I think the back story of you appearing in the photograph is just fabulous and I can understand why that has energised you into this project. It must bring back memories of childhood friends, childhood adventures, sounds and smells even from hanging about the railway. Just incredible.
  15. Green peak would definitely be regarded as rare, think the green 40 was in once or twice. The GWR green 47s I missed although obviously we've seen evidence of their visits. Rarest thing I ever saw in that era was a 31 at the west end side. Came out from the sub platforms, sat in front where the 08 would normally stable and then headed back east again. T'was a 31/4 if I recall Dont suppose 31s were entirely rare at Waverley but in all my visits to Waverley, time spent at Millerhill and time spent spotting at Monktonhall junction I didnt see another one in that era.
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