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  1. Yes the glazing in the cab
  2. Anyone know if the spare parts operation is uo and running at EFE yet? Or will it just be Bachmann spares I wonder
  3. Hi Pixie Not your fault but more a word of warning, my glazing was heavily glued and did not come out smoothly at all. Mines was a small warning panel green example so wondering if it was a different person from a different part of the line. I don't regret it but I now need to hope the EFE parts dept is up and running already
  4. You'll have been pleased with the somewhat surprising appearance of the clayton model for this layout!!
  5. Hi pixie Great work on the clayton, always enjoy seeing someone improve RTR stuff like your clayton mods, many people are happy to accept things as they come and that's fair enough but I love seeing modifications. Can I ask a few things on your Clayton mods if you don't mind. Do you take the glazing out to paint the edges? I can see that the interior shelf is an easy candidate for painting but did you do all sides of all glazing. Yours looks much better to my eye and I'd love to replicate your steps. Secondly on the spring mod, I saw it mentioned earlie
  6. Great work Steve, you really are at the top of your game with projects like this.
  7. And I thought maroon mk1s were off the scale in terms of price!!
  8. It'd be odd to see carriages at Eastfield anyway, so I think your thinking is most probably correct.
  9. The steps and the details around about the buffer beam area are quite remarkable really. As you say a coat of paint on that and it'll be more or less perfect. Great work folks.
  10. Great step by step Duncan, sure that'll be useful to someone.
  11. difficult to totally see but that textured paint looks like it creates lovely rough bark like surfaces
  12. cracking work as always Graeme, its always interesting to see what your next detailing step will be. These little bits of work add so much to the overall picture.
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