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  1. https://www.westcoasttoday.co.uk/news/jacobite-petition-builds-up-a-head-of-steam-as-business-owner-warns-of-devasting-effect-of-suspension
  2. Them All ? it was more than One MP wasn't it , i didn't think they would have but locals have been less than please also
  3. so how do you know WCR got Mps to stick up for them ? i should imagine that came from local Business going apoplectic as the whole sorry mess
  4. I don't think anyone's going to get Sucked out a MK1 by Explosive Depressurisation .!!!
  5. It did have a negative effect last year when it all kicked off. I hope this year works a treat for all involved this season
  6. I'm just pointing out that its affecting others . I know they have played it as far as they can and should have had a program of works, and there's one set up already, has its got door locks ?
  7. and while everyone digs in their heals the local economy suffers
  8. HI All To answer the question Saturdays the busiest day followed by Monday i would say . As for England's Sunday shopping laws you need to come out the dark ages . Regards Arran
  9. Fair enough But still cheaper but not by much. you get screwed on parking these days .
  10. as i said before but you didnt see it , Its £3.00 all day at the science center and its about the same distance
  11. Or £3.00 at the science center for a day and walk no further . Regards Arran
  12. Hmm so was the new exhibition location on the cards before calling it a day at the nec ? Regards Arran
  13. One Hrs less sleep at the Pudsey Hilton "Oh well" I will have to remind Mr Petty of this on the day Regards Arran
  14. Along with Law Junction we also took the lego to Modelrail "really stretching the club members" for the first time and was busy on the Friday and mobbed the Saturday and Sunday . It really captures the younger side of those attending imagination , i think one of the reasons its popular even with adults are its not purely a railway but a kids imagination . we also got invites for it down south!!! The trader side of me wished we had some Lego railways for sale as we could have sold a dozen for sure . Regards Arran
  15. this whole Statfold show come lets collapse Warley show stinks to high heaven and needs calling out for what it is .


    I see they come out with it after Warners announced theirs on the old NEC dates and good luck with it i say!!!!  cant imaging you will be best pleased either with that  announcement either  although alls fair in Love and war 


    This has been planned all along if you ask me 

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