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  1. I have built a lever frame and I am not sure the position of the levers in relation to: A. GWR Signal set at danger, (signal pulled off?) B. Turnouts, do you pull the lever to set the way, otherwise its a straight road? Thanks
  2. Love that, they must have the wheel sets ready quartered and positioned carefully to be bake to just roll them into position
  3. I'm modelling Llanfyllin in 30's, I am trying to find out where the TOAD Brake Vans would have been allocated from. The only reference to Oswestry named Van's is in the 40's.
  4. Thats the name of the guy who part built my first coach, as a demo for me. Thanks
  5. I haven't seen the reference in the Comet Instructions. I'm working on the underframe at the moment
  6. Hi, basically a letter A has been written on the inside of one end and a Letter B written at the other end. There was an important reason about 6-7 years ago when I bought them, but, can't remember it. I can understand if the ends were identical, but,its obvious which is the brake end.
  7. I am finally getting round to starting my second E147, my two kits were bought a few years ago with one being part built professionally. For some personal reasons I had to stop modelling for about 6 or 7 years. I've now almost completed the first one and completed the hinges droplights etc on the second. The first has the ends marked A & B and I cant remembervwhy it is done, it's not in building coaches the comet way. Has anyone any ideas?
  8. It was adding the Fairy Liquid to the PVA which caused the problem. Didn't have any IPA at home but tried a little vodka. Result!
  9. Do you spray neat IPA or diluted? Resisting jokes about India Pale Ale
  10. I've just tried to complete some ballasting, laid ballast, wet with water spray with a drop of Fairy Liquid(other detergents are available), then used Wilko PVA diluted 50/50 with water through syringe with needle. As soon as pva touches water it sets like a gel. To test it I added some fairy liquid to PVA it sets like goo (Think bad snot). Has anyone else noticed this? Is it just fairy liquid? I've used thus technique for years and not had thus problem. Any recommendations?
  11. How big is the base of a Semaphore Signal? I have a Dapol GWR Home signal in 4mm but the Base plate seems massive. Ive looked for some photographic evidence but all I can see are the signals themselves not a base. I would think it would depend on the size of the post, but, wonder wether I should trim it down a tad? Thanks
  12. A rather poor photo of the rear of my Signal Cabin
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