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    Where I can watch the Red Arrows practice.
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    Very broad interests but perhaps focused more on BR Midland - Derbyshire, Notts and Lincs areas in late 50s/60s - Wirksworth, Buxton, Cromford & High Peak in particular - Also GC Main Line around Nottingham + any Industrial railways (NG and Standard). Old enough to remember C&HP in working order, Trent Junction Station, Derby Works in full flow, Windcutters at Nottm Victoria, prototype Deltic at Grantham and a few other things I miss.A believer in modelling to capture the feeling/atmosphere of the time/prototype even if some details are not correct and of the right to run what I like.

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  1. Thanks for the comments. Still a few detail things I will add to the weathering - oily marks, etc - but I am always wary of overdoing it. As others have found, I find that photographs tend to shine spotlights on all the faults. One shutter already made for testing but not yet fitted.
  2. Hi Jay. A while back we discussed using the Wolf (Modelmaster) Rub on transfers. I used them on my two Hornby J94s. That was OK but I didn't find it as easy to use the rub ons as I expected to. As always the problem is making sure that the individual numbers are in line and correctly spaced out when looking through the backing paper. I stress that I am not criticising the product and that it's probably just me as I currently have a problem affecting my hand which is making some modelling jobs, including positioning, a bit tricky. My eyesight isn't what it was either - getting old!
  3. I'm afraid that I have taken the easy way out and fitted my NLR Tank body to the Electrotren chassis. Not without problems though as I seem to be getting intermittent problems, probably with the DCC chip so not a modelling problem as such. It's not up to your standards of detail but it will do me (for the moment). Love the water tank. I was just considering building a model of that myself so that's given me a target of standard to aim at! Look forward to seeing more.
  4. Thanks. That sounds feasible. Need to buy some suitable screws and nuts but that should be OK.
  5. Thanks but I think I would be worried about taking the screw out again and doing more damage though. The loco is DCC and I have had a bit of bother with the chip and had to remove the body a couple of times already.
  6. Thanks. I accept your point about self tappers. Will have to search the screw box and get some taps - always something missing from the toolbox!
  7. I am modifying a model using a resin body on an RTR chassis. However, because I have had to remove the body a couple of times, I find that the resin material has not provided a resilient purchase for the screw. I've tried sticking a piece of plastic over the screw hole. That gripped the screw well but used superglue to stick it down and that has come away from the resin. I could redo that but I wonder if it would be better to fill the original screw hole in the resin and use a self tapping screw. Could anyone please suggest the most suitable filler to use? Thank you.
  8. It's decrepit. It's derelict. There are a lot of other closed stations on this thread.
  9. Justin. Have received my Wolf transfers to suit the J94 from Modelmasters. They look good to me and seem to be the size required. Next thing is to remove the old Hornby ones. Involved in some remodelling of the layout at the moment but hope to do in the next few days. Don
  10. Thank you for asking that question but I wouldn't want anybody doing it "just to see". It was just a case of wondering if anyone has already tried it (and been successful!). I may have a look myself though because that darn "cogging" on the DJM is driving me mad!
  11. It is good that the EFE J94 seems to have overcome the DJM "cogging" problem. My problem is that my DJM one suffers from this problem and, as I have a "Hopton" incline on the layout it has a visible problem when descending with a train and I don't like that. I am happy with the body of the DJM and it models a particular J94 that I would like to keep (68012) . I initially considered buying one of the new EFE J94s to use the chassis under this body but it is too high priced for me just to do that with it. I have two Hornby J94s and I am happy with the way they run and they can be pic
  12. I corresponded briefly with you the other day on another platform about decals for re-numbering the J94. You mentioned that you had ordered some on Ebay. I just wondered if you have received them yet and whether they look correct? I have ordered similar but am still waiting for delivery. You have really captured the feel of Derbyshire with your work above and it's helping to get me back to working on my layout and models which have been pretty much dormant over the last few months. Thanks. I have always been interested in any railways but the lines and the countryside of the Peak
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