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    Where I can watch the Red Arrows practice.
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    Very broad interests but perhaps focused more on BR Midland - Derbyshire, Notts and Lincs areas in late 50s/60s - Wirksworth, Buxton, Cromford & High Peak in particular - Also GC Main Line around Nottingham + any Industrial railways (NG and Standard). Old enough to remember C&HP in working order, Trent Junction Station, Derby Works in full flow, Windcutters at Nottm Victoria, prototype Deltic at Grantham and a few other things I miss.A believer in modelling to capture the feeling/atmosphere of the time/prototype even if some details are not correct and of the right to run what I like.

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  1. Some say that the best way of learning is making mistakes. By that argument I should know everything after almost three score years and ten so why do I keep making them?

    1. Jon Fitness

      Jon Fitness

      because the one thing you learn from experience is that you learn **** all from experience (Fred Cotterell SVR loco driver 1985!)

    2. highpeakman


      OK. I'll put it all down to experience then. :)

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