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  1. Thanks Mark, I will endeavour to keep something going on here, as and when I work on something. But thanks for the comments... much appreciated.
  2. Hi Rich. Thanks for the comment and yes it is P4 track. I had a oo board somewhere but couldn't find it at the time; I'd used this one to grab some photos of my craven so used it for this too... yes, its a fine balancing act, but the oo wheels just about cope. :-)
  3. Hello! Firstly, I feel I ought to apologise for my absence on this forum; I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I did post anything here and there are plenty of reasons for this, but the most significant of these involve a reduced amount of time spent on railway modelling of late (work, life, other interests etc), and what railway modelling has been accomplished has been written in a thread over on the scalefour forum. The reason for that last item is that in modelling in scalefour, but loyalties were tied between the two forums, but when I was appointed as the New Member Support Offi
  4. I remember that the rule of thumb we used to apply, was "only trust the salesman that praises another company's product".
  5. Jon020

    Chris Reeve

    I was terribly saddened to hear this news; Chris was a great person to be around, friendly, supportive and his enthusiasm was terribly contagious. I have him to thank for my few times exhibiting at the BHMRC show, where I was always treated very well. Throughout his illness, Chris had remained in touch through occasional e-mails and through facebook updates, always with his positive outlook. I was pleased to see him at the 2015 BH show, despite my not exhibiting (but helping Pete and Matthew) and we had a nice long chat despite him busily still managing aspects of the show. I met him again a
  6. Sorry about missing the above request. Quite often, adding the link will provide a preview of the image but I guess I added the wrong link. Sorry. But thanks for the likes. Even the wife didn't mind this one, so we now have it as a framed 36"x24" print ... in a. 70cmx50cm frame (a nice mix of imperial and metric ) on the living room wall.
  7. Something to add to this thread... from early on on Wednesday morning. https://flic.kr/p/zQZuYZ
  8. Nice photo Tim. Good use of the pole. I actually think that not only have you caught me in action driving a train on ravenscroft sidings but is that actually brian Hanson on his stand??? ;-) Jon.
  9. ... and on the same day as the N2... you can't beat a good LL 47 IMG_2713-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr
  10. N2 1744 at the EOR just before its move to the Nene last month. IMG_2655-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr
  11. I've neglected to maintain much of a presence on here for a while; it's not intentional and a refusal to participate, more of a desire to spend a larger proportion of the modelling time available (which isn't enough) to devote to actual modelling and making some headway rather than sharing progress throughout the interweb. However, I have been maintaining a forum thread on the scalefour forum... primarily due to my scalefour committee involvement and desire to have some form of presence on the dedicated forum for the society... and I was finding it hard to maintain a momentum on more than just
  12. Good to catch up with the thread Jon and to see that you're still carrying on with 4mm and not just 7mm; all looks great. I really must stay on here more as I've drifted a little to concentrate on the other forum (committee commitments purely making me feel compelled to do so) - so time limited has left me away from here, but good to see the work again. If you're at Stoke Mandeville this weekend, please say "Hi" - I'll be on duty all weekend somewhere Jon
  13. It was fun to operate but blimey I thought that re railing derailments in P4 needed concentration .... great to be invited to help and your son did great! Hope to catch up again in Uckfield. Bombay Jon.
  14. I think it looked and performed splendidly... thanks for letting this non2mm modeller near the operations side and it was fun coping with those minor derailments when the ahem points were set wrong I did learn ... eventually. Hope the rest of the afternoon went well and I hope we'll see more of Kyle soon.
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