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  1. Electricnose... You really need a trigger warning before you invoke that website, Andy! I'd managed to completely forget about it for probably 5 years. Back to therapy for me...
  2. Happy New Year, Gordon. Lovely to watch those crossovers mature! Sending you very best wishes for good health outcomes in 2021. Regards Scott
  3. Well since I last looked in on this thread, I had a good night's sleep, and have washed my car when I got up at 6am here. So I feel a little less guilty about my lack of modelling progress compared to your blink-of-an-eye speed! Looking great. Scott
  4. Needs a live stream - with audio, like the stumps have at a the cricket - so we can catch the occasional profanity... Enjoy your build!
  5. It's to be expected at Christmas time, Jeff. All that cake and pudding. Might want to lay off the eggnog a bit... Viaduct stonework is looking great. My 2c (p?) on the colour echoes Jason (and what I've always used as my mantra): base it on the real thing, or photographs of. I see the brown tone he is talking about in most of the photos online - but concede it could appear different in real life. I was amazed at the variety of tones in the abutments at Monkwearmouth when I went to paint my model - but once done, they looked "right". If you
  6. Wow, it has been awhile since I posted here. My apologies. Since I last posted, I dabbled a little - did start to fit those wipers to the tenders, and wire them up to the locos, but they need tweaking - too much drag on the wheels, and the tender-to-loco connections are too stiff, and to be honest, I just got jack of it. A phantom short saw me remove a suspect turnout, only to find out it wasn't the problem, and then have to refit it. Sometimes you need a win, to build up momentum. I've not had that in the latter part of 2020. *** Against the l
  7. Just caught up on your news Gordon - thinking of you and sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Regards Scott
  8. Very nice - thanks for posting. I did notice there's a platform clearance/fragility issue with the steps behind the cylinders on the unrebuilt version - they are gone in some shots, there in others, and hanging loose on the original condition model at one point. Something for operators to watch for when they do gauging trials on layouts for the first time...! Cheers Scott
  9. The potential for this question to be misunderstood is proportional to whether the shooter was using a rifle, or a telephoto lens...
  10. Why "sadly"? Glad I'm not easily offended, to be honest... Yours, Peasant Convict from the Antipodes
  11. So whilst living in the most isolated city on the planet is not a bad thing in the times of Covid, our state's strict hard border lock-down laws have put a massive throttle on both freight and passengers arriving into Western Australia. International postage transit times are just dire. Today, the third piece in a puzzle I started to assemble over three months ago finally arrived: Thanks to Gordon S of this parish for his kind agreement to redirect some "UK bidders only" phosphor bronze wire that was going for a song on eBay, and sellers in Taiwan and Chin
  12. Agree 100% - love the glue, but the clogging of the spray head (even when fastidiously cleaned) is a real let down.
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