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  1. Especially since there’s no “5” in any of the numbers - strange world.
  2. Really like that picture, pre remodelling. 1980’s? It was something from the Midland this week....
  3. A pair of “5”s anyone. 669 & 676 today at York having come off the SSE.
  4. So, having started this thread in January 2015, today I ride on my first LNER unit as part of my commute.
  5. The other job going on in the background is some reinforcing work to the baseboard ends. This was something I got wrong when I built the boards originally. The strips of ply that form the board ends were never fixed sufficiently. Over time they have worked loose - particularly with the end protection boards fitted to them. In transit backwards and forwards motion has forced them loose. So here I’m getting them back into the correct position and then adding some reinforcement.
  6. This was the last board to have the lifting lugs fitted - the pub board. Funny I ended up there. The lifting beam has also got the correct size shackle in the middle now as someone down the pub leant me a big enough drill bit!
  7. A bit more effort today - first off all the viaduct board has had the lifting lugs fitted.
  8. So I’m very pleased with the new lift, it’s made my life a lot easier as previously if on my own I had no way of lifting the boards. So today I’m having a major sort out and move round in the garage. Now I can get back to working on the layout.
  9. Cheek. They’re the lightest boards I’ve ever built - it’s what gets added later that causes the issues....
  10. And here we go - the first lift. I tried pulling the jib down - it was no where near tipping point.
  11. Here are the fixings going on to the board ends.
  12. Here’s the extended jib, the red bit on the right with the hook on is the new bit I’ve added. Bizarrely I had the right colour red in the garage.
  13. Here’s the spreader beam with shackles fitted. The main shackle in the middle is too small, I have a larger one - however I don’t have a large enough drill bit!
  14. I’ve de- burred the steel, de- greased, primed and then applied a top coat.
  15. Yes agreed, my gut feeling is it will be ok as their is a substantial amount of weight in the crane. Anyway I’ll take it steady with the first lift and if it needs counter weight then it’ll get it. Lets
  16. Minor mods - I’ve just bought some steel to modify the crane and for a more robust spreader beam ...
  17. Just need to work out the connection with the board ends. The spreader beam has been “up cycled” from a previous layout.
  18. Now built, I’ll probably extend the jib to give even more reach - theres plenty in hand - the boards don’t weigh too much - certainly not half a tonne
  19. Today’s job. Just been to pick up a parcel, something that will make my life a lot easier at home with the layout...
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