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  1. Having just purchased the EFE Rail Class 35 Hymek I have found the lights to be a little feeble to say the least. I intend to fit a decoder soon but was wondering if anyone has found a way of improving the lights. There appears to be two rear lights that are on together, however one is red and the other yellow. So is there a way of controlling these separately so the yellow light is on in the forward direction? Apart from that the model itself is really good. Thanks for any advice.
  2. No problem thanks. Resolved the issue by reading the instructions!!!!! Please consider this post closed.
  3. Having waited for so long for the 117 I was really happy with the model. The detail is superb. The only question I have is regarding the lights. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but having fitted the Bachmann Plux22 decoder l can’t get the head codes to illuminate. Destination blinds are ok as is cab and interior lights. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Thanks to everyone who has answered my question and has which has been resolved. The answer from DCCConcepts was as suggested CV36 = 0 and CV38 = 1. Thanks again and I think this issue is now closed
  5. Hi Martin I must now admit to be totally confused, I thought I under but obviously not. I would appreciate it if you could dig out the CVs you changed and the value of those CVs. I don't mind where F2 goes to in terms of function buttons as long F2 is not used for the rear lights. Thanks for your help
  6. According to the Hattons' DCC Decoder Instructions (not that provided with the loco) it says 'They can also be re-allocated to operate using different buttons if you wish. This is called function mapping'. The instructions give the values for the function keys but don't give the CV numbers associated with the keys to enable this to be done.
  7. I have purchased the Hattons Class 66 dcc fitted loco. My question is - has anyone using a Gaugemaster Prodigy managed to remap the functions on the decoder? According to the operating instructions all dcc fitted versions are fitted with the DCR-21 Pin Direct V2 which according to the instructions is a 6 function decoder. I have tried mapping Function 2 to Function 5 by setting CV36 to 64 (this has always worked in the past) but this seems to have no affect other than to stop F2 working. Strangely I can remap the decoder from F2 to F4. As this is a 6 function decoder I am assuming this shoul
  8. Hi, I am considering purchasing a Hattons class 66 and know that there are three configurations, dcc ready, dcc fitted and dcc sound. My question is what dcc decoder is fitted to the dcc fitted variant and specifically is a 6 function decoder to allow for full lighting options.
  9. Has anyone remove the molded coal in the tender? I presume it is removable as a spare is provided. I have tried with a little pressure, not wishing to damage the tender sides, but failed. There is a gap around the molded coal but is it glued in? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Have resolved my issue regarding remapping the lights. I presumed it conformed to MNRA rules so changed CV36, which is Function 2, from 8 to 32 which is for data for Function 4. So now function 2 switch is in fact Function 4 switch. Still doesn't solve the issue of no manual for the Imperium decoder - but hey I am happy now.
  11. Hi thanks for your reply which actually helped. The light map was very useful used in conjunction with the Zen Owners manual. CVs 33 to 40 control the function allocation so with a bit of head scratching I finally got the interior lights (Function 2) switched to Function 3 by entering 16 into CV36 (for F2). 16 being the figure for F3. Hope that all makes sense? Anyway problem solved so thanks again.
  12. I have a Dccconcepts Zen 218 which works great but I need to remap function 2 to function 3 as my loco requires a latch for function 2 but the Prodigy Advance uses function 2 as a press and hold. I have looked on the Dccconcepts website but can't find their Advanced settings manual which they say is on the website. Has anyone found the Advance Settings manual or know the CVs to remap the functions. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi thanks for the link. I have been through it and it seems people are having the same problem with trying to get more decoder information. Dapol seem to have pushed this decoder onto the market without any thought to providing support. They must have the information but will not provide this - very disappointing.
  14. I have just bought Dapol's Class 121 and was recommended to fit the new Dapol Decoder, the Imperium. The decoder is good and works well however the Class 121 is configured such that Function 2 switches on and off the front cab light. Unfortunately I use the Gaugemaster Prodigy controller and function 2 is a momentary switch and not a latch. So the question is how do I remap F2 to F4. I have contacted Dapol regarding the further instructions that were meant to be on their website, but aren't, and they say that the instructions have not been published and they do not know when this will happen.
  15. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I found the 28mm to big and so went for a 23mm. I first used the SWD normal LS decoder but found I had to change to the Micro as there is not much room once the speaker is fitted. Thanks again for the reply.
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