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  1. Whoa, regardless of any inconsistencies (I'm not a totaly rivet counter) that is seriously nice model you've created. I'm especially impressed with the brake rodding
  2. Cheers Cutler, that was actually really good and informative, I didn't realise that all of Gateshead based A4's were non-corridor! What were the typical duties for these A4. I know possibly the Tees-Tyne Pullman and The Northumrian but was there any other major trains they pulled?
  3. That is a brilliant model!!! Being a former GWR 2mm person myself I must say I'm quite proud of your efforts I would love to have a 4mm scale version myself or a 42xx and I agree with the previous statement. Missy you're a credit to us all.
  4. Oh my!!! I beleive this thread has been what is commonly known as hijacked!!!! But please do continue to add your thoughts because this is proving to be quite an interesting learning session for me and hopefully others. 5XP I've just manged to get the site working now, it's brilliant!!! For anyone who wants to know Heaton shed was 52B I've only just found that out! On the subject I've just realised that my A3 60092 "Fairway" was also based at Heaton whilst in very early BRITSH RAILWAYS apple green livery ... pity though that "Bittern" wasn't a Heaton Engine (though being an
  5. Cheers forester, unfortunatly I am well aware of this site (but you are right, it has been a massive help) thank you anyway
  6. Oh god I'm not on form at all... another simple mistake I keep making! Again I know 60123 was named "H.A Ivatt" and Ivatt was a GNR designer (I think!) and the A1's looked quite utilitarian...like Ivatt designed locos!!! (another fav or mine!) I'm not an incompetent fool!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you could with the picture I would be incredibly greatful thank you. Thanks for the info though Cheers Gresley That's a massive help and 5XP thanks but can't see it properly atm but I'll check out when it can cheers mate So here it is 60116 - "Hal'o the Wynd" ran from Heaton, named in BR
  7. Whoops my mistake sorry for that yes, I'm changing it from 60161 to 60116! easy mistake...sort of! Thanks for the help, so it (albeit for a very sort time) ran in blue with the name and was based at Heaton
  8. Can anyone help with information regarding Ivatt A1 pacific "60161", "Hal'o the Wynd" Where was it based and was it named when it was in British Railways Blue? aboutm 1949/50 cheers
  9. Hi I've jsut seen you pics of Stockton MRC. I just visited there recently and I'm planning to join soon. This may sound like a stupid question but are you a regular member there?

  10. Cheers Craig, does it have anything about Pullman rakes too as I would like to do the Tees Tyne, Yorkshire and Queen of Scots Pullman trains.
  11. Hey guys, I’m not so new here but this is my first proper post. Could I have some advice on coach formations between 2 – 8 carriages (10 at a push since that's all my space allows)? Anything from branch line trains to stopping locals, to cross countries to expresses. Specifically I’m looking at using either Gresley or BR mk1 stock and incorporating the two as well.
  12. Wow I want a piece of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah that is true, I heard the Lima Deltic was a little under scale at HO!!! Thanks for the tip
  14. These are some great articles especially since I'm planning to build a DP1 deltic in the near future using a Lima chassia and Dapol body. Just I'm wondering if you modified the bogies at all on this model, they look like the Lima ones?
  15. That's some fantastic weathering, the end result I a real improvement over the originals keep up the good work All I will say is... how did you carry out latter section of weathering? i.e the oil streaks and the "burnt/flaked" patches?
  16. 4MT, Black 5! Deltic Prototype in a train set!!!! I might suddenly get bored of oo gauge and be reconverted!!!
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