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  1. Hi Doilum, having read our questions i referred to IRR No 196 which had an article on NCB alterations to locos. This loco was possibly fitted with a Hill-Bigwood Stoker which was a Thomas Hill fitment which included a diesel engine. This was fitted in the bunker which explains the attacments to the top of the bunker (air intake?/radiator?) and the equipment behind mesh at the bottom of the bunker side. The locos at Ashington had chanels at the top and bottom of the cab opening into which could be slid a wooden weather board to protect the crew. They were normally the same collour blue as the loco. Trev.
  2. Very interesting Martin it could be that my recollection is wrong although i am fairly confident. It makes an interesting opportunity to use the Bachman model. Trev.
  3. Hi, i think this is more likely to be a case of a fading slide. My 50 year old memories of the locos at Cambois were that they all had some kind of yellow end and that none were green only. Sadly i do not have any pictures of D8029 at Cambois but i do have a shot in the roundhouse at York after the loco was repainted blue. Trev.
  4. Good morning all, here is an Austerity at Ashington with an Armstrong Patent Mechanical Stoker. Note on this one the hatch is vertical. Loco is VF 5278 of 1945 and was fitted with the stoker from 221/1962 to 8/12/1962 evidently not very succesfull. The photo was taken on 27th Jan 1962 less than a week after being released form the workshops. Trev.
  5. Hi, Oakwood Press did a book 35A:- The Furness Railway - Locomotives and Rolling Stock by R W Rush first published in 1973 and re-printed in 1987, ISBN 0 85361 362 1. You might find one second hand somewhere on the net. Regards, Trev.
  6. Hi Brian, the colliery is coming together really well. Keep up the excellent work mate. Regards, Trev.
  7. Afternoon Martyn, really nice to meet you at the show on Sunday. I can only echo your thoughts on how friendly it was and what an exceptional and interesting location. Well done Darlington MRC and all the exhibitors. Trev.
  8. The driving force behind the locos seen at Shirebrook would have been driver traction knowledge. I suspect the core knowledge would be 08/31/47 and only drivers which transfered to the depot from elsewhere could possibly sign anything else. Trev.
  9. The wagon bearing the initials NL is for the North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Co of Ulverston. Trev.
  10. Many Happy Returns for the day Dave. I really like this thread particularly the North East items as i originate from Northumberland and being employed on the railway everything else is interesting too. Regards, Trev.
  11. The thing to remember of course is that it is your railway. Go your own way but most importantly enjoy it. One thing i recall from all those years ago were the number of complaints we used to get about fumes from the class 56s in the offices above.
  12. Hi Ragtag, as a former resident of Ashington and Area Freight Assistant for the Blyth Area i look foward to seeing this develop. I would prefer to see access to the stabling siding from the other direction. It would cost an extra point but operationally i think it would be better. Do not forget the potential to use 153s and a 37 on an Inspection Saloon. Regards, Trev.
  13. And a belated Happy Birthday from me also Brian. The J36 looks at home. Regards, Trev.
  14. Hi Brian, this is one of those layouts that inspire people to get on with it. Being a Northumbrian by birth the whole concept of the layout brings back many memories of the locos based at North and South Blyth, Sunderland South Dock and Hartlepool in the last days of steam. Thanks for making me smile. Regards, Trev.
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