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  1. One was painted blue but it had modified cab ends like the class 29's
  2. I know all about it but not everyone follows the press or has the internet.
  3. I know but probably not many knew about it?
  4. So Dapol have at last delivered their class 50's some 7 years & 2 months after they were first announced, what do you think will be their next classic diesel in N Gauge & how long until they will arrive? I'm hoping for the class 21/29
  5. So how much longer till we can get our hands on them?
  6. What about us lesser mortals that just want the unrefurbished version which ran for the first ten years, how much longer?
  7. The Dapol 'coming soon' advert in the latest N Gauge Society magazine does not mention the class 50 so I wouldn't think they will be arriving before August.
  8. Hatton's are still showing them as being expected between March & April 2019, no doubt Dapol will be releasing a further delay update soon?
  9. Are we still expecting these this month? I've asked Dapol but they haven't responded!
  10. It's all gone quiet, any progress being made?
  11. Very disappointed again, for the third year running hardly anything new for the BR diesel era! still no disc headcode (skinhead) class 31, still no re-tooling of the class 25/3 35 years on, no new locomotives or DMU's, do as many with sound as you like Farish but they don't & never will interest me!
  12. They are NTrain ends which require several coats of paint to make them smooth. I cut the 108 ends off along the door line.
  13. My class 105 converted from a Farish class 108 will have to suffice then until ??
  14. Any further updates on a class 105 Craven's DMU in n-gauge?
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