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  1. Holding one's breath it did come out without damage.
  2. Had a feeling that it's not going to be easy! Thanks Phil
  3. Looking for advice on removing the windscreen from cab. Have tried levering it, and soaking in hot water. Any suggestions? Thank you
  4. Langley Model G40 is an earlier version might be of use?
  5. This one was at The Hampton Court Garden Show last year
  6. R. Parker 19 Oaklands Malvern Wells Worcs WR14 4JE
  7. Yes Bedfords were the main force in the newspaper/magazine industry for many years.
  8. Nice set of vehicles. Some time ago found this picture in either Commercial Motor or Motor Transport Bedford TL supplied by Mitchell Cotts (Contract Hire). . My model of this vehicle RTI cab EFE body.
  9. Can anyone help with the colour of the WH Smith Van (Morris Commercial?) in this picture. Thanks
  10. Did Commer export the Q25. Looking at the front axle and the quarter light window could it be one?
  11. Came across this on Saturday . Same vehicle last year.
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