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  1. John I am a Brit and a retired Custom Painter in the US , what are you looking for I have hundreds of Decal sets most have some lettering missing from them but 75% of most sheets are good. David A Yorkshireman in the USA.
  2. Thanks Tim, I have lived in the US for 35 years and I am a Pro Modeller so I am aware of all the Products over here. I have been using ME for the last few years but have had nothing but trouble with the Turnouts so it has all been lifted and I am moving to PECO. I have a small Scottish Branchline layout and I use PEO Code 75 on that and so that has swayed me to go to PECO US Code 70 for my US Switching layout. I thank you for your reply and comments. David. A Yorkshireman in the USA.
  3. PECO US Code 70 HO Switches / points, When Peco announced there US Code 70 track last year I bought 10 lengths for use on my switching layout, as of Sept 8th there is still no sign of the switches / Points. I have written to them over the past few months asking for a delivery date but they have not replied. I am a Brit in the US and can go no further with my switching layout. Has anybody on that side of the pond heard anything on the Grapevine regards a possible delivery date.?
  4. Well things have changed a little my Customer has decided to buy a Shapeways Body so I am looking for a self propelled chassis I can put under it. the problem being the Body for whatever reason is 3.5mm Scale HO not 4mm OO Scale. many thanks for your reply.
  5. North Stafford b-87-nsr-Battery-loco. Wheelbase I am putting together a model of the above, does anyone know what the Wheelbase and or Wheel size is please. David A Yorkshireman in the USA.
  6. I am a Brit in the USA and have just got my first Bachman Loco Bachman WD AUSTERITY CLASS 77003 also a ZIMO MX644 Sound Decoder, I have done quite a few DCC Sound installs here in the US but hard wired them so this is new to me. I have taken off the ESU Decoder that was attached already to the lower board there is already a Capacitor wired to the existing lower board, do I desolder that and solder the Zimo Capacitor to the lower board or do I take out the original Capacitor and wire the new one to the ZIMO decoder?. Also the Lower board has soldering pads for a speaker I presume I solder my speaker to that?. Sorted.
  7. Does anyone know the dimensions of the tender wheels on the GT3.
  8. What size is the layout please.
  9. Matador

    DMU 105

    I have a DMU 105 that runs great it has a ESU Loksound V4 and sounds great but I cannot get the lights to work , any suggestions appreciated.
  10. Well me, just got this answer from Bachman Dear David The centre pin is not a screw but a pin on the split chassis models. You will need to remove the circlip and then the valve gear just pulls off. Regards Jenni Gees the circlip is so tiny, a little bit like the axles a bad design. But thankyou to Jenni in the Bachman Service dept 10 out of 10 for prompt replies to all my e-mails.
  11. They only sell a set even if I buy from Canada its still $27 for a one off job a bit expensive.
  12. I bought a 2mm and 2.5mm one too small one too big. The 2.5mm fits the side rods but for the eccentric it has to be a 2.25mm either side of that 2mm too small 2.50mm too big.
  13. I have a new set of Bachman wheels for a B1 the wheels come black and I need to spray them Apple Green I need to take off the eccentric crank, it uses a 2.5mm nut.I need a 2.5mm nut driver but I cant find one in the USA anywhere. I have tried Eileens Emporium no luck any other links please.
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