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  1. What manufactures are they that make Building kits featuring stone. Lived in the US since 83 originally from Yorkshire going back to my roots, building a Branch terminus want the buildings to have a N Yorkshire look to them.
  2. Got it many thanks. David. A Yorkshireman in the USA.
  3. Has Inverboyndie by Greenock & District Model Railway Club ever been in a Model Railway Publication?. Looking for more Pictures / Trackplan than I have been able to find so far.
  4. Has anyone used these? O Gauge MagLink 3 Link Couplings.
  5. Last time I was told that the shipping was equal to VAT minus, ??? David.
  6. That was it many thanks.
  7. MINERVA e-mail address I have tried on two different e-mail servers to send an e-mail to MINERVA Models but it says the e-mail is not a correct e-mail address the e-mail on the site is [email protected] I am in the USA not that that should make a difference?.
  8. How to take the body off a Hornby 0-4-0, Peckett. David A Yorkshireman in the USA.
  9. Thanks for the info, it is a lot cheaper to buy from the UK with all respect to him, after VAT is taken of and shipping added on the same item would cost me at least $5.00 less. David A Yorkshireman in the USA
  10. Short couplers for a Peckett W4 I am deciding between KADEES (I,m in the US) or Bachmann couplers, I read that Bachmann make a shorter coupler for wagons? (I would like to try both) that I could use on the W4? does anyone have the Bachmann part number. David A Yorkshireman in the US.
  11. Would you have the Bachmann number for these being in the US not sure what to order. David.
  12. Wow thank you all, Originally it was going to be O Scale but 8 x 2 would not do it justice. I purchased a Peckett W4 in OO with sound that will do it for me. The idea still being formulated is the end of a Branch where the main Employer in Town is a Brewery or a Whiskey Distillary late Steam early Diesel. The Brewery or Whiskey Distillary will be the centre of attraction with Branch traffic going back and forth to a hidden fiddle yard serving the afore mentioned, a small Local passenger service will spice things up. Going to use PECO Bullhead rail with a 1950,s theme (I was b
  13. Bachmann J11, How far North would these have run, David A Yorkshireman in the USA.
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