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Went to Derby MRE at the weekend, and picked up two anonymous second hand buildings. Wasn't til I got home I realised I'd bought both N and HO versions of the same thing! Strangely, the N version has the same size bricks, but the windows are just too small to be convincing for OO. Anyway, the OO/HO version started out looking like this, but bigger:




I began by slicing the bottom storey off, as I thought it was a bit too tall for how wide it is. Some wills sheet to make an apex roof, and we have a tall, single storey building of some kind:




At this point, I got an idea of what it would be. Some kind of old factory/mill, converted into a nightclub. Hence the flyers everywhere, nicked off the web and printed on paper.

For the main building, I began by removing the long windows. The front had them mostly sliced out and an RSJ put in for a door. I was going to put a proper entrance in, but haven't got any suitable bits. Took me a while to think of what to do, then realised as it will be closed, a roller shutter door will do. The anonymous, signless look is based on Electrowerkz in London, and also much easier to make! I've still got the paving to do here, ran out of sheets. Might add a phone box and a few graffiti tags.




Stuck an advert on the side




Smoking area, using bits I robbed out a wills shop kit I also bought. Could do with some fag ends on the floor, maybe a broken bottle, but not sure how to do them. I'll get some big bins too. Dots are various freshness blobs of chewing gum.




Coming up soon, a kebab shop and crack house.

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Yep, skip sounds good.


Here is the beginning of a Wills semi detached shop. Got to say, these are a monumental pain to cut out! I noticed whilst hobbling to the shops that there's a lot of black end walls where I live. Not sure why or if it's just a strange Derby thing, but thought I'd recreate it. As the graffiti indicates, this will be the run down smack head house. The front will be a kebab shop, or possibly a Hen Cabin. Makes a change from the idyllic life.


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Pavers came from Hattons today, so the outside of the club got done. Then some yobs threw litter all over it, one of them threw up.






Added some fag ends in the smoking area, chopping up bristles from a toothbrush. Obviously everyone smokes roll ups, hence they're white.



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