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  1. Finally a new page! had a relaxing evening in the garage doing a few bits and bobs first up was glueing the 2 half’s of mentor together and filling the gaps with fine modelling putty While that cured I painted up some figures to populate the coach Which you can just about see though the windows a quick put together on the track before I took it back apart and rubbed down the putty, gave it a coat of primer to show up any areas that need refilling etc, quite happy with it but it needs a touch more filler on one side While the paint was in the wet pallate I finished off the rest of the seated figures, just need to choose a couple of coaches to fit them to now Put the gutters on the workers cottage Trying something different on another cottage I’m doing, air drying das clay rolled out And stuck to the front of the building 3D printed brick roller off eBay Building front placed on a flat surface and rolled the roller along to create bricks Pushed the clay down into the window holes started to cut them out with a blade but I think it needs to properly cure before I try the smaller windows as the clay was moving too much, it may or may not actually stick to the wood, if not I’ll strip it off and use brick paper but I thought I’d have a go at something different
  2. A ‘do as you likey’
  3. we had that about 15 years back, a crash for cash scam, they tried to claim for a bad neck and back but unfortunately for the other person they didn’t bank on me finding a photo of them an owners club website doing a cartwheel and running up a mountainside 2 days after the crash! he’d claimed he’d been to his GP who said he had whiplash etc but on the same forum had said the week previous that he didn’t have a GP since moving house some 3 years previous! I sent the pics and a screenshot of the GP thread to my insurance company who forwarded them to their solicitor and surprise surprise I didn’t hear a thing back after they got convinced of dangerous driving in the crown court and ended up having the book thrown at them I went through aslef and sued them back, it hadn’t crossed my mind at the time but as he tried it on with me I thought I’d do it back to him especially as he put my then 5 yr old kid and 9 month pregnant wife in hospital, we all got compensation from his insurance, the joys of being in a good union!
  4. never went in the loop, nor rowley Regis so got back to bescot 3 hours early! Worcester tunnel jn bescot loop changing ends to head back into the yard into the yard, Shunters taking it away for me Back home and in bed at the time I should have been sat in rowley Regis loop!
  5. Still in the same place a few days later so I suspect not yet
  6. it’s something like 05:15 coming from Foregate st direction, it’s the rail drop train apparently
  7. I mentioned the above in the accurascale MK2 thread as it stuck out like a sore thumb to me too, couldn’t find this thread to update at the time if its not the same person then it’s a hell of a coincidence!
  8. Only 2 from last night, rugby to hams hall rugby and fuelling at hams hall off to see The Horne section tonight then in tomorrow Worcester to bescot via Kidderminster
  9. Conducted the sleeper train via the West Midlands last night 92010 up front and into rugby train home and that was that!
  10. Found another project I’d started but forgot about, Mentor from @LMSfan72 that I’d primed up but put away about 12 months ago! painted up the interior print ready to fit when I glue the 2 parts of the coach together, as I used to work mentor I had some interior pics to get the colours somewhere near, they are a bit brighter so they will be a bit more visible through the windows Next up is glue the 2 parts of the coach together then fill the gap with fine modeller’s putty before a rub down and paint, not sure when I’ll do that as I need to find my airbrush, something else missing since before lockdown! what’s the best glue to use on 3d printed parts?
  11. I was just about to send the link to that picture to my current trainee as he lives near there then I noticed the name and realised it was taken by his dad!
  12. Notice a few MK2s have appeared new on eBay at £59.99 in various liveries however upon clicking on the seller it appears they are based in Oakhampton, the same place as a number of previous since banned sellers who took peoples money but didn’t deliver the goods it may be a coincidence but I thought I’d mention it incase it’s the same person using yet another username and people get scammed again
  13. Loco move today Stafford to longport and back to toton DRS flask train 69004/66783/66795 freightliner 90s passing through Changing ends in alsager shunting round longport, dropped off 66783 and took the 69 and 795 back Into toton and home off tomorrow then conducting the sleeper train on Wednesday
  14. the Grassington pics are wonderful, talk about run down in every way possible, location and loco! the only remaining point of reference in the photos is the building on the other side of the road
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