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Unnamed depot layout - EWS/FGW


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5 hours ago, MRC_Jacob said:

and finally. A family photo!

 L -> R 150244, 143618, 153305, 143619, 143603, 150232.

All FGW Local Lines liveries.


Busy looking depot this one:senile:

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13 hours ago, MRC_Jacob said:

Group photo!
FGW: 43168, 43097, 43020, 43070, 43163, 43182, 43017, 43154, 43172, 43002 & 43185
GWR: 43187, 43188, 43155, 43093 & 43016
NR: 43014 & 43062
XC: 43321 & 43285
IC: 43194 & 43103


Im the same "but" over collecting 37s....

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On 24/05/2020 at 16:38, dogbox321 said:


Really like the decals on 163/186.  Who did them?  I have been waiting ages to no avail for Railtec to do another of 43168!






So 43163 was done by John Sykes. It's a mixture of vinyl (rear) and then waterslide transfers (front) from Precision Decals. They're top notch and fitted supurbly!
Now, 43186 however, not so easy to explain. Ii wasn't done by me! I bought the pair of powercars with 43186 already being like that. I imagine however Precision would be able to do the 43186 decals as they seem pretty simple to do.

Hope that helps!

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A myriad of jobs completed.
158766 & 158769 weathered and one renumbered
66088 returns weathered
143603 fresh from being renumbered
43304 renumbered using cut and paste LNER font numbers
43017 fitted with the nameplate it gained in 2014!

More photos below.



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