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On 09/07/2019 at 16:14, Il Grifone said:

I have a Saint in progress (2920 Saint David what else?) to be finished in BR black livery. I'm undecided whether to convert to 3 rail, but there would be no real problem.


My Tri-ang/Pedigree container sits on a Dublo low-sided wagon.... IIRC it's actually the right length for a CONFLAT L (I could be wrong and I'm off to Sardinia for a couple of weeks  tomorrow :) , so there's no time to check.) The CONFLAT shouldn't have sides of course (illicit modification required?)

There were some Conflat Ls that had sides similar to a Lowfit; at least one of the Match Wagons at Newcastle was of this type. They were built to Diagram 1/066 rather than Diagram 1/068. Photos of both types can be found here:- https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/conflatl

BR 4-ton containers were often loaded into 5-plank opens when in MoD traffic.


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I can confirm containers in 5 plank wagons, having seen at least one, but it was uncommon.

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