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Embankment Road TMD

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A bit more progress on 31201. Weathering has started with streaking / oil spills to the bodyside, these have been done using my normal method of dk greys / browns roughly painted on and then removed with a flat head brush soaked in thinners in a vertical motion (reference to photos is important here to make sure the streaking is in the right place!). Roof weathering has also started with diluted matt black painted around grills, hatches, panels etc and then wiped off again with a flat head brush soaked in thinners. I would normally avoid matt black when weathering however find its the only colour that really "works" on a exec dark grey roof ("roof dirt" shades are actually lighter than the exec dk grey and look odd in my opinion). This is probably as far as I want to take the weathering on this one other than a quick (light) blow over with brake dust on the lower bodyside. 




Those with eagle eyes will also note the yellow cab door at the non rad end on this side, there is also a BR blue door the other side. This is 100% correct for the prototype loco in its final years.


Weathering has also started on 37719 using the same techniques. Weathering on this one is lighter with most of the streaking being confined to the tumble home, I want this to represent a bog standard 37 in its final years (e.g worn but not over weathered), I am however planning to add homemade "non-multi" yellow stickers in the centre windows at one end. The non-multi stickers, a yellow rectangle with black X basically signified that the locos multiple working equipment was defective at that end.





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Well 31201 and 37719 are now complete having had a light dusting of brake dust to the lower bodysides, buffer beam details brake pipes etc have also been fitted along with a crew in 31201:






Weathering has also started on 37412, an initial light wash of dk grey in the grilles / tumblehome area wiped off with a flat brush soaked in thinners and a wash of dilute matt black to the roof. A spare set of ploughs from the spares box has also been fitted.



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