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Further LMR Limited Editions?


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I asked at their stand at Alexandra Palace. They said they would focus on reducing their stock levels and then consider a non-brakes suburban mk1 and/ or a blue br 20ton brake van. Other options could include

- a SR pillbox brake van,

- a wickham railcar,

- a three-carriage set of SECR birdcages as the Longmoor Bullet

- relivery if a Bachmann 08 as model zone did a few years ago

- relivery of Bachmann’s new warflats

- or even a Bachmann ransomed and rapier crane.

But the market for the latter two will always be more limited. A supplier must time their request to align with Bachmann making a match of models and be allocated aome of them; if Bachmann don’t have any batches planned if the above then there will be a wait. I’m surprised Bachmann haven’t released a train pack in OO as they did in N.

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Brilliant thank you. I plan to pick up one of their coaches and brake wagon next month after getting hold of two LMR J94's.

What about a Model Rail/Bachmann USA tank in LMR livery? A stunning model. The only thing I can say against it is that there’s no provision for a speaker.



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