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    Locomotives, coaches and wagons of Great Britain strictly confined to the period between the Coalbrookdale Trevithick and the Class 93, inclusive.

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  1. Yes, I remember that Kernow opted for the Ruston version as it was easier to do. If the Accurascale chaps haven’t been thinking about the Mirrless one already, perhaps they are now. (“Hm. Just a new roof section?”)
  2. Perhaps this picture is of interest. On the left is a Ruston 37/9 commissioned by Kernow from Bachmann and on the right, a 37/0, an old model from Bachmann. I make no comment on how accurate the models are or that the Mirrlees roof variations are contained within the lift-off section.
  3. On the contrary, for me at any rate, a great deal of the pleasure and satisfaction of the hobby is learning about the real thing, which never ends. There is now increasing interest in pre-grouping, which none of us knew at first hand, yet the interest in prototype variations is lively. Whilst unable to prove it, I feel sure that future generations will be no different.
  4. Not to mention the many variations. Nevertheless, manufacturers do a lot of research and they have the information. Not only that, they provide extra bits in a bag; the bang plate has been mentioned here recently. It does seem to me that the difficult and expensive work has been done and adding it to instructions would be relatively easy. Most of us are keen for the hobby to continue after our deaths (manufacturers are even keener) and new entrants are unlikely to have the depth of knowledge and printed resources which many of us have acquired over a long time.
  5. Obviously, the manufacturers (with a notable exception) will have done their research, which would be the hard part of the work done. I wouldn’t have thought that it would take major effort to add it to the instructions.
  6. The clarity of the sound is impressive. A lot of sound projects seem to my ear to have a muffled quality – not this one.
  7. Which suggests that the Dapol and Bachmann models might look odd together. I wonder if would it be obvious from 3'.
  8. I freely admit to being a numberholic. To my mind, one of the joys of modern RTR is that we are no longer have to run trains of wagons with identical running numbers. Another hangup I have is about single wagons from the time before block trains prevail. Wagons did run in singles but just as often in multiples. Consequently, I look out for additional wagons with different running numbers. However, a check shows up that Dapol 4F-059-002 (14-ton tank wagon Class B in ESSO black) duplicates the running number (1869) of a Bachmann wagon, part of a weathered triple set 37-666B. Also, Dapol 4F-058-003 (14-ton tank wagon Class A Regent silver with red lettering) duplicates the running number (101) of Bachmann Collectors’ Club model 37-2013K1. Sadly, two I shall have to miss.
  9. Going by the photograph, whatever the tint was, it was a pail shade. 😇
  10. My experience of Bachmann coach bogies with pick ups is that the pick ups incorporate a vertical strip which extends above the top of the bogie and to which you can solder wires.
  11. I succumbed to five and they are super models. If the spec is anything to go by, these HLs will be even better.
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