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NEW: BRM Express monthly E-Newsletter

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Thinking forwards a little, and bearing in mind Phil's lack of holidays (sorry) or garden interest, I wonder if you could consider adding - gradually - the following.


1. Possible occasional 'prototype notes' - not sure how it would work but not full blown articles, just some sort of taster/interest raiser (or should that be rouser?).   As with item 2 below I see it as a starting point to take folk into a more comprehensive approach to a particular subject in an RMweb thread.


2.  Readers questions for information.   This would need to be tackled in an unusual way and it really depends on how you see the markets for various BRM linked 'products' interacting with each other.  Basically a reader would pose a question - modelling, prototype or whatever but apart from a possible brief response the main way of answering would be a link to an RMweb thread where the question would be repeated to kick-off the thread.  i do understand that would add workload and possibly a technical question mark plus time copying questions over and there would need to be some sort of editing in respect of which and how many questions are shown in each issue.  It also, obviously, depends to what extent subscribers are also already members of RMweb or whether it might attract additional membership to RMweb.


Incidentally I must come clean regarding the above suggestions because Brian Macdermott - if no one else - will probably recognise the base  I am coming from, sorry Brian.  I recognise too that it all depends on quite what the editorial team at Warners have in mind for the development of the newsletter and how they see it fitting into the Warners' family of model railway publications.


The plan is for the newsletter to develop, and all suggestions in that direction are welcome, even if I can't promise they will pop up in the next issue.


As you say, fitting this into the family of publications is part of the challenge. We'll be looking to use content in more than once channel where possible. For example, the latest issue includes one of my old practical articles re-worked slightly for the web. I'm also looking at other features that will be useful in different forms.


There are things we can do with an e-shot that we can't with paper or even the DVD. "First look" is a good case. The paper mag has the expensive full review, but a lot of people just want to see a model come out of a box and turn a wheel. Reviews take place too close to print deadlines for this to go on the DVD, but a "quck'n'dirty" video for the electronic newsletter is easier to do. We won't just cover RTR models either, there is already a kit loco opening in the bag for the future. Unboxing videos are popular on the web, so we'll see if we can grab some of those views by (hopefully) doing a much better job. 


BRM Express should complement the paper or digital magazine. BRM will still be where the best content goes because people are paying for it and therefore deserve the best we can do. We know there are potentially many, many more readers of the free e-mag though so we'll be doing what we can to grab their attention as well. That will take developing a style and personality of the e-mag. Because of the less formal medium, this will be slightly different from BRM, but with the same smiley happy faces appearing in it.

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This month's free BRM Express is a bumper issue, but due to a few scheduling clashes, it comes out tomorrow (Thursday).


If you are signed up already, you'll be fine. If not, do it now. The link is at the top of this page.


Here's what's inside:

  • Phil's Blog - I've been to the Isle of Man and interviewed Mike Buttell from the steam railway volunteers while sat in the Queen's coach. While there, I spoke to Trevor Nall at the Groudle Glen Railway about their new loco. There's also a trip to Bressingham and a look forward to TINGS
  • Bachmann update - Lots of news from the mid-year update plus a video showing the Pullman being put through its paces. And Andy Y interviews Steve Tooley Bachmann's R&D manager.
  • Heljan interview - We chat with Ben Jones about plans for the future.
  • Practical - Building the Fordhamptonstation kit.
  • Restoring Manx Electric 14 - What does Dave Martin from Hattons do when he's not at work? Restores Manx tramcars of course.
  • TMC Wagons - Andy Y has a look at the TMC bolster wagons and decides which ones he'd really like to keep.


That's 6 videos and loads to read - for FREE!

Picture of the month.

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