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  1. And how do you 3D print metal valve gear? Or provide something as robust as a plastic part. Resins are very brittle as a set of Modelu figures a book fell on in my photo booth will attest to.
  2. You'll find this was discussed at length in the original thread: The prototypes rotate, why is it so daft to replicate it?
  3. It doesn't, and we'll keep an eye on this. However, it very much IS home to terrible jokes, which is what we have so far on the thread. .
  4. There might be some, but "quite a few" is stretching it. There was no indication of this at the press briefing. It was made very clear that this is a catch-up year and the range announced was inherited. I wouldn't hold my breath...
  5. There is an editorial comment to that effect at the bottom of the letter. Mind you, I seem to remember Iain Rice riding this hobbyhorse years ago, making the point he was moving over to acrylic paints. I can see the logic, but still prefer enamels. Acrylics do work, but I'm just a bit of a stick-in-the-mud.
  6. And this is how the "red tape" and regulations that people moan about are created...
  7. But TT:120 isn't 3mm scale. And having built models in 14.2 gauge, it would be hard work to fit all those waggly bits in allowing for clearance. I suspect you'd end up making compromises, possibly even pushing the cylinders out a little! I found 0-6-0's hard enough by the time they were given the essential compensation.
  8. Unless you can get a perfectly aligned image to compare with a prototype photo that is shot from exactly the same position, and counteract the distortion put in by the camera lens, then the comparison won't work. I've been here before with people drawing lines on pictures I've posted on here before ignoring the angles the model photos have been taken. It never ends well. What is it that scares you about numbers and measurements? That is the way to be sure. Anything else is subjective.
  9. I imagine something based on accurate measurements would be a better bet than photos, which are subject to issues with angles and the effects of lenses. However, since it's not become a massive topic, I'm inclined to believe that Hornby has got it righter then random people on the web.
  10. All you have proved is that some loon on social media said something. Something no one else had read, or cared about. You haven't proved it to be true, but keep repeating it. If you are going to spread every baseless allegation from random corners of the internet, then RMweb is going to become very full, very quickly. Stop it.
  11. And yet you are desperate to post this allegation here. Yes you would. This is just another pointless dig, from someone who keeps moaning about people being negative about TT:120. There's a simple cure for that.
  12. Not all of them, mainly the papers desperate to scare you into buying. I do remember a fun session on the Jeremy Vine show many years ago. He had the boss of the H&S organisation in, and proceeded to berate him because the newly fitted-out toilets all had little warning stickers alerting users to very hot water coming out of the hot tap. Vine was as outraged as only someone who hasn't bothered to do any research or thinking can be. The H&S man said, "I don't know why they are they. It's not something we require." He had to repeat this to Vine several times until it sunk in...
  13. Sorry. No. Andy is on holiday. You know he is on holiday. Generously, he has answered a few questions, but you have decided that your continuing diatribe about tank wagons is more important than his time off. Trying to make a joke (being generous, I assume this is what you are doing) doesn't make you deciding that your needs are more important than his valid. Good grief - it's just toy trains! @rapidoandy If you'd like, we can lock the thread until you are back home.
  14. Worth a visit for the lovely Bantam tugboat. http://philsworkbench.blogspot.com/search/label/Bantam Tug
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